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Amazing Ladies and Gents. Just want to say thanks

This just comes to say a huge Thank you to everyone of you who posts and responds to questions on here. I had PPC diagnosed August 12 and despite a rising CA125, so far so good. However I have posted several questions and always had lovely helpful responses for which I want to say thank you. I never cease to be amazed at the positivity and feelings of hope that are expressed by everyone. Some ladies are having a terrible time and yet still remain positive and share their experiences thoughts and Love.. As they (Who are they?) say. When the going gets tough the tough get going. You are a wonderful bunch and I cannot thank you all enough. Whilst I would rather not be a part of this club, it has been such a pleasure to meet you all, albeit electronically. Take care. Lots of Love and positive thoughts to you all. Virtual Hugs too. JacJac xxx

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All the best for your remission/recovery, JacJac. Hope you stay OK

Love Wendy xx


Just sending my best wishes love x G x


And the very best wishes to you Jac Jac (I've often wondered who 'they' are too!!)

Love Kaz xx


Wholeheartedly agree with you on this Jac Jac, I was a brownie when i was little then a guide :-) then i became a mother- and all i needed was my children and to keep them safe, so had no need for 'groups' - often wondered what other women saw in them, but since joining recently i feel like i'm part of group who really 'understands' what i'm feeling, my friends all said the right things 'you'l be fine', 'your a fighter' etc, etc, but I always had this voice in my throat that wanted to scream 'how do you know, you've never had this' as no one had who i knew, now the support and optimism' i receive and read about makes me feel so warm knowing i'm part of such a special and warm group of women and i'm so very grateful xxxxxxx


A lovely post. This site and friendships made on line here were a life-support particularly in the early days after diagnosis and surgery which were isolating. Friends and family are wonderful, but to be able to share worries and hopes, to exchange information here with women in the same boat as me - it's been a wonderful experience.

May the forum go from strength to strength. xx Annie


Couldn't have put it better myself. I've learned so much and have been so humbled and sometimes entertained. A very valuable part of my life now!


Gosh I could not agree more were all in the same situation and its invaluable to talk to others and share experiences it has helped me no end to have the other girls support.

Wishing you well Love Jenny xx


Jac jac,

Right back at you. You are so right. I was so lost when I was first diagnosed. Folks supported me until I got myself educated and strong enough to deal with the big C. I will be forever grateful.

Sending you warm hugs.



Hi Ladies. I am from the US - and stumbled upon this website. I am very glad I found this ----- you all are great resources and great sources of hope and inspiration. I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer last May. I am also BRCA1. I went through 8 rounds of chemo. Now, recently found out I need more there are more active lymphnodes. So, I am doing my own research (in addition to my oncologist doing research) on what chemo to try. I meet with my Dr. next week to figure out our next step.

Question for you all ........have any of you done any homeopathic (example: acupuncture, diet, exercise, oils, etc.) steps to fight this disease?


I totally agree with all the points made. This is a great site for sharing, asking, ranting and whatever we feel we need to do.

No-one wants to be part of this 'club' but I am so pleased that I found this site.

I have read so many inspirational stories and stories from so many positive ladies (and a few gents) that it rubs off on me and I feel more positive every time I read posts like this.

Lets keep it up.

Love Izzy xxxxxx


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