Just to acknowledge how knowledgeable you all are!

As a relative newbie to the site (since January), it continues to astound me how much medical knowledge you have all gathered. I almost feel like being able to take you all with me to see my oncologist and for you to clarify what they are saying and come up with the alternatives!

I know I'm just starting on this road, and there's a huge amount that can be done, but I do feel a little knowledge short if you get my drift. So I continue to read all your posts, hope that i remember all the different chemos and their associated pluses and minuses!

You are all an amazing encyclopaedia of ovarian cancer knowledge and I salute you!

Dawn xx

(ps happy Easter weekend)

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  • Dear Dawn

    Welcome and I am so please that you have found our little community helpful.

    I hope that your treatment is or will be or will remain successful and that before long you will be supporting other new members.

    Love Charlie xxxx

  • Thank you, on Icon 8 and nine weeks chemo cracked yay! Surgery is the next phase.

  • Dear Dawn,

    It is nice of you to write this, I am glad that you feel you are supported on this forum.

    Although none of us are as knowledgable as your oncologist, we can all speak from our own experiences, and we might have picked up a thing or two on the way, but they are all varied, we are all different and this is why it is best to take advice of your oncologists they have your medical records etc ...it can often seem like a mine field... you will know what questions to ask by your own experiences...sometimes what other people say causes confusion and makes one question their own treatment (this has happened to me more than once) don't be afraid to ask your medical team to clarify things that you might not understand... best wishes with your questions and treatment

    love x G x

  • Thank you for replying,

    I have a good relationship with my oncologist but being less experienced I tend to take everything at face value but I do trust her.

    It's just nice to know that here is another avenue to make some enquiries should I need more information.

  • Dear Dawn

    I'm glad you've found this group supportive. As Gwyn says, the vast majority of us are just amateurs on the topic. The longer I have this disease the more complex I realise it is and how each of us is very different and I don't envy the oncologists their job. I've found it really helpful to compare notes, ask about personal experiences of chemo, though at the end of the day 10 women on the same chemo are likely to have up to 10 different experiences.

    I agree with Gwyn to discuss anything that worries you with your oncology team, but I've also found it useful to read what other women are receiving and to hear what my oncologist has to say.

    Keep posting. I think the more you become involved with a forum like this the more you can get out of it; in coming to terms with the disease, understanding a little more about it, and best of all in the friendships you will make here with people sharing your shoes or just kind people who reflect the thoughts of family and friends who are support us. That has been a great source of comfort and learning for me.

    Loads of love xxx Annie

  • Thanks Annie,

    I appreciate your reply, I, dare I say it, find it interesting to read how other people are dealing with this blooming thing!

    I fully understand how everybody responds in different ways to the same protocols ( working with children gives me that insight) it's just good to know there's more information at my finger tips

    Dawn xx

  • Ah welcome to you hope all your treatment a great success,

    Much Love Jenny xxx

  • Thank you

  • I totally agree with you Dawn. I have read posts and posted myself and met with some fantastic ladies (and a few men) who indeed are very knowledgable on OC, chemo and it's symptoms and side effects.

    I too take great support from this site and it has enabled me to ask and probe my oncologist for answers that I would not normally do.

    Of course I would always take the specialist advice but its good to share stories, side effects and how we cope with them.

    Everyone is different and not all one size fits all but it's good to "talk".

    Love n hugs Izzystep xxxxx

  • Hiya, thanks for replying

    like you said it's good to talk!

    Dawn xx

  • Dear Dawn, welcome to this community. There is a wealth of experience on the site and most importantly it is always open 24/7, 365 days a year.

    A Happy Easter to you,

    Love Wendy x

  • Happy Easter to you too

    Dawn xx

  • Welcome - I know just what you mean and certainly feel I've become a more effective patient as a result of what I've learned here and other people's experience. It's a good complement to the specialists and it's such an individual disease, you need the sense that one size doesn't fit all...

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • hiya, thanks for posting

    enjoying spending time with my 2 young children, and happy that my first phase of chemo finished in time to not interfere with school holidays!


  • Hi Dawn. I too am a relatively new to this site as I was only diagnosed in June 13 . I really didn't know what questions to ask either, and I imagine it was much the same for the other ladies. It is surprising how much you can learn from this site and indeed from striking up a conversation with your fellow chemo/clinic patients. There are so many different forms of ovarian cancer, something which I didn't know, and so many differt treatment combinations, it certainly gives us hope. However, please remember that your oncology team have the best knowledge of your condition and will therefore offer the best treatment plan for you, to you. Wishing you well. Have a lovely Easter. Ann xo

  • Thanks Ann, yes I agree I appreciate my oncology team are the ones with the best knowledge to my particular circumstances and I trust them, it just astounded me how much knowledge the rest have gleaned over the years and its given me an insight to all the options available

    Love Dawn xx

  • Yes its wonderful the knowledge we all gain on this amazing site, we all glean something from it,Hope all goes well for your treatment.

    love Jenny xxx

  • Thank you Jenny, 1/3rd of the way through, had chemo, next is surgery, less than 2 weeks away....been waiting for that as just need to get it 'sorted!'

    Have a good weekend, for me it's been better than Christmas!


  • Hi Dawn, Glad you found this site, it made an amazing difference to me after diagnosis. Just to be able to 'talk' to others who know exactly what you are going through makes a real difference. Keep us updated on your treatment.

    Happy Easter

    Annette xxx

  • Thanks Annette, it's good to talk! I've even been befriended by our postman whose wife was diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time as I got my diagnosis....the loss of hair gave it away to him! We're on first name terms now.

    small world!

    Dawn xx

  • Hi Dawn! Just wanted to say 'welcome'. I agree, it's a great site. When you get nearer your surgery date, post again.....there is a wealth of experience on preparing for the op. Big knickers and mint tea for starters. There is also a good website for hysterectomy, if that's what you're having. It's American - Hystersisters. There is lots of info on pre-op preparation and hints about recovery afterwards.

    All the best for a successful outcome in your treatment

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hiya Wendy,

    the date for my op is 30thApril so getting closer now! I've logged onto the hystersisters site and have been taking on their words of wisdom too!

    Big knickers I'd thought about, but mint tea no. Does mint tea help with constipation as I must admit that's my biggest worry, strange I know considering how much surgery I'm having!

    Dawn xx

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