Sore mouth and throat not responding to thrush treatment - Any ideas?

I have just come back from the GP who had to admit that he didn't know why I have a raw, sore mouth and throat. There is no sign of thrush and the thrush medication isn't doing any good. My other symptoms include spots all over my face, heartburn, indigestion and a sore bottom. Yes I'm feeling irresistible at the moment. I am not having chemo at the moment so that's not the cause.

A bit similar to your symptoms Sarah23 in that I feel empty/hungry as well.

Any suggestions gratefully received. Its great to know you are all out there!


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  • Hi Sarah

    I don't have suggestions - sorry - but just thought I would say that I know how you are feeling. I also have a raw, sore mouth and throat whcih does get quite painful. The thrush remedy did work initially but it has returned. Not sure what to do now. Currently trying paracetemeul and mouth wash and hoping for an improvement. I don't have spots on my face but my legs are a mess. The GP says its is very like heat rash, advised frequent moisturising with Double base, washing in emulsifying cream and steroid cream. Haven't seen any improvement so far. I also get heatburn and indigestion easily but keep that at bay with omeprazole. This is over 2 months since the lst chemo so i know how fedup you must be feeling.

    Any good ideas would be very welcome.

    Finges crossed


  • Hi Angela

    Sorry to hear you are suffering too. Yes I am on omeprazole too. Are you taking anything to boost your immune system?


  • It is very difficult to get rid of candida 'blooms' if your immune system is depressed, as they tend to re-infect with more vigour. They especially take hold in the presence of some anti-biotics. I found that there was no sign of thrush (just soreness), but that it responded to nystan taken for a few days after clear up of symptoms. I was also taking transfer factors - serious immune support- from first sign of having to have an op. Consequently my immune system was strong. Candida was the only 'infection' I suffered from throughout surgery, and chemo when everyone else was spluttering with colds and flu.

    Live, organic youghurt is also soothing and replaces some of the 'good' stuff that fights candida, and might help if it is the cause.

    Mine also 'rebounded' several times during the 2 years after chemo, and if I feel a sore throat now, I take a dose of nystan rather than conventional throat stuff, and nothing develops.

    Best wishes.


  • Isadora - sorry to sound stupid but what are transfer factors? It did occur to me that my immune system could do with some help.

  • When I was on chemo my oncologist prescribed Difflam Oral rinse, and I always use it now as soon as my mouth is sore with anything!

    I'm afraid he is a bit nehind the times,a nd doesn't recommend any supplements, and has said NO to live yogurts as well! I just take soya yogurt (to cut down on the diary).

    Hope you find something to help you - there is nothing worse than a sore mouth.


  • Have you tried Bicarb for the mouth and throat? Works a treat for me and dirt cheap to boot. Rinse and gargle for 5 minutes or so 6 to 8 times a day. Avoid anything alcohol based too (as many mass-market mouth washes are.)

  • I used Difflam mouthwash as prescribed and found it useful most of the time. I also found Oraldene really good though if I used it last thing at night. I was advised to keep off 'live' and Probiotic yoghurts but ate greek yoghurt all through my treatment to help put some good bacteria back in my system and think that helped. I also used to drink marmite.......vitamin B helps with healing and I swear it helps me with the mouth sores and any kind of cold sore on my mouth. I know mthere are thohse who hate the stuff and with a sore mouth, it will sting but drinking it definitely adds some good vitamins.

    Eleni x

  • Hi Sarah

    No - i haven't taken anything to boast my immune system but am beginning to think i should. so woud also like to know what transfer factors are. I have been recommended to try nystan by a couple of people now so think I will try it.


  • PS I forgot to say that i do find that Difflam mouthwas releives the pain but doesn't seem to get rid of the ulcers/soreness

  • Thank you Angela, Eleni, Viv, Deb and Isadora

    I've started on the bicarb, already love Marmite, yoghurt and will buy some Difflam. It isn't getting any better (even my teeth have started to hurt!) so I need these suggestions to help me cope day to day. I also need someone to nag me to make the effort to look after myself. I am on a drugs trial - the next generation - although I can't say it feels v exciting at the moment. I will blog about this separately.

    Thank you all so much.


  • My nephew had thrush and took allium (garlic capsules) and it cleared it up rather quickly..but youd have to check with dr if you are on chemo as garlic thins the blood

    if its not thrush, use magic mouthwash.. you should be able to get a prescription but.I had mouth sores I used pepto bismol mixed with kaopectate...(a pharmacist told me what to mix....don't swallow....just rinse out your mouth........don't eat spicy or too hot foods

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