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Scan Results

Hi everyone , I have now had results of scan , oncologist and radiologist have seen a small somthing as they put it , they say it is the size of a thumb nail on my right hand side just above my c section scar ,they say they not convinced it is a tumour there was also mention of a very small amount of fluid but all inconclusive, so the oncologist says she would like to do another blood test in about six weeks to see what the count is and depending on the results she may then do another scan or leave again for another six weeks but if I get any symptoms before then im to contact her sooner. I have asked her about the chemo she offered carbo/caelyx and asked about avastin she looked up the information while I was there and has agreed that I could have carbo/gem avastin and keep carbo/caelyx as a option for another time. Does anyone have any thoughts on the chemo or the scan results I do have a grumbling ache/burn somtimes around the area that they have seen the thumb nail scar tissue ? Do you think it would be the better option to go for the carbo/gem avastin? would be greatful for any feedback

thanks Deb's xxxxxxxx

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Hi Deb,

About 12 months after finishing my first line treatment I had a bit of a scare. A CT scan showed a small cyst near the vagina. I had an MRI and MDT concluded that it was a post operative cyst and I was to have a repeat scan 3 months later by which time the cyst had resolved itself.


Hello, sorry this has happened, not nice to have that news at this time, I wonder why it happens to me many of us? I was coasting along happily in the belief I had stage 2, then I discovered on Dec 29th, it was stage 3, and on Dec 30th stage 3c… I had such a great time on Hogmanay 2009... I haven't recurred since, but I know that my oncologist, who has 40 plus years experience, is heavily in favour of the cargo gem Avastin combo. He has told me that some women on that combo in a clinical trail have had great results. Hope that is a little help. Vxxx


Hi debs . Sorry to hear your news. I have just had 2nd cycle of carbo/gem and avastin for 1st recurrence and there seems to be a lot of favour of this regime. And as my oncologist says leaves plenty more in the bag IF we need it. I have to admit I am finding it gruelling and feel very tired but hoping this will pick up. I hope things go well for you


Ally xx


Hi all, thankyou for your replys. I hope all doing as well as can be . I have been reading up abit more on carbo/gem avastin and think I may as well go for it while it is on offer as I dont think they offer it after you have had second line treatment ,I just hope my oncologist has done her job on getting me it for when needed as I dont know how long it will take for her to get me excepted for it or funding? Im just trying to keep busy at mo but christmas helps. This time last year I was just getting ready to have my first chemo I dont know where the year has gone its funny but ever since I was diagnosed I have just wanted time to slow down well apart from when I was on chemo then I just wanted the last dose but then for everything to go slow and enjoy each and everyday. I see oncologist again on 17th Jan fingers crossed no symptoms before then although I do have slight ache/burn feeling on and off in groin

I hope things are not to gruelling for you Ally (iamstillme) and you can enjoy the holidays Deb xxx


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