Scan news!

Scan news!

So I had a scan last week, halfway through 6 rounds of carbo/caelyx. Saw the doctor today (nice surprise it was my original oncologist from 2 years ago filling in and I absolutely hero worshipped him!!) Scan shows all visible signs of cancer have gone - hurray!! Obviously I'll still have the next 3 rounds of chemo to make sure and he didn't have CA125 results but so far so good!! Hope you all have a lovely and/or restful weekend xx

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  • Fab news!

  • That's great news you must be smiling inside! I like love the photo, your dog is obviously smiling inside too! Such an affectionate pose, with his/her head on your chest, my cat does exactly the same thing, I believe just having them close is a kind of gentle healing, you both look great, well done! Long may it continue. Bx

  • Wonderful news. Lovely photo too, your dog looks so peaceful.

  • Awesome news and even better that it was given to you by somebody you like and respect. Good luck with the remaining chemo but that is hopefully just a formality. Enjoy your weekend with maybe a small celebratory drinkipoos. Lovely photo x Big hugs ❤xx Jane

  • Great news, onwards. Lovely pic.

  • Wonderful news Becky. I'm a couple of weeks behind you as my scan is just after my 4th carbo/caelyx. I'm trying not to think about it too much but to be grateful that I feel pretty good and to enjoy as much as I can every day. All the best for the future x

  • Great news :)

  • Hooray! Great news!! 🌈🌟

  • Love you photo and your dog. Great to get such positive news and also to meet up with your former oncologist, in all it was an exciting day, You wont mind the rest of the treatment so much when you know it is working;

  • Two great things happened for you -brilliant scan results and a good meeting with a great Oncologist: that must make a difference too having confidence in your medical professional.

    Love your photo with your pal, obviously very happy with you.

    Clare xx

  • Whoooo hoooo! Great news and finishing up your scheduled treatments means taking out any of those microscopic bad boys. Congratulations and enjoy your weekend also!

  • What a gorgeous photo of you both smiling. So happy 😊 for you getting that wonderful news! Have a lovely weekend and walks in the sunshine (well it's sunny here today and hope it is with you too.) Sophia xx

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