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Will I suffer from menopause after I have my ovaries removed?

I'm 16 years old and didn't really know where else to go for answers. I have two benign tumors, one on the left and one of the right ovary. I don't know how my body will change after the surgery. I've read so much information on this specific procedure but still don't have the answers I need, due to my age.

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If you are to have your ovaries removed then it is likely that you will be subject to menopause. However, hormone therapies might very well be an option for you, and they will deal with any problems. Ask to speak to your surgeon, or at least a specialist gynaecological nurse and make a list of all the questions you have in advance. If you are not 100% happy with the answers keep asking for solutions.

This must be a scary time for you, and it can feel as if you get sucked into a huge surgical machine, but those who are looking after you have a responsibility to explain what they want to do, and why - and you have a right to flag up your concerns and have them taken seriously. I am so pleased to read that your tumours are benign!

Very best wishes,




So sorry that your having to go through his at such a young age. You must have lots of worries and concerns.

As Isadora has already said if you are having your ovaries removed you will more than likely have menapause symptoms.

Your consultant should be able to answer all your questions and i am shocked that at your age they haven't taken time out to explain all this to you. There will be treatments you can take after surgery.

I take HRT and find that it has helped a lot with my symptoms because i was not coping to well but I am a bit more settled now.

I really hope all goes well with the surgery. But try and make sure you get the answers to your questions sweetheart.

Lots of love

Suzanne. xx


Hello. You are very very young to be going thru' this procedure. You really need to ask these questions to the people who are treating you. I'd suggest that, first of all, you call the Ovacome helpline on 0845 371 0554, and speak to one of the nurses. They will be able to help you decide what questions to ask. Also, can you take your mother or someone else with you, to help you make sure that you get the answers and information you need? All NHS hospitals should have a PALS office, with staff who can help you. Best wishes and good luck, Vxxx


You say they are benign what sort of surgery are you having and have you asked if there is anyway you can keep your ovaries? Do not be afraid to ask questions write them down if it helps


Hi! I definitely agree with the above answers, especially the advice to ring the Ovacome nurse helpline. You will possibly need to explore the question of future fertility options as well as HRT. They will help you with some ideas of the options in both.

There will be lots of questions that are swirling around in your mind, I am sure and it's a scary time. However, i know of the daughter of a colleague I used to work with, who had this op nearly twelve years ago now and she is happy, healthy and has studied, qualified and married. She was fifteen when she had to have a hysterectomy, in her case it was OC.

Wishing you all the best

Love Wendy xx


When i first went into the hospital the doctors in the ER told me that it was a cyst. The gynecologist had told me that it was a tumor and only my left side. The next day they intended to only take out the left but they found the other tumor in the process. My mother and i are going to my appointment to discuss what is going to happen, etc.

Thank you all for your replies!


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