Will I still be able to have chemo?

I developed a cold on Sunday and chemo unit advised me to contact out of hours GP for antibiotics. They said that they wanted to prevent me getting chest infection. I was given 7 days amoxicillin 500 mg. I know that antibiotics don't work on viruses but I am taking them if its going to stop chest infection. This is me who hates antibiotics !!!!! What I'm worried about though is that my second chemo is due on Monday 7th and will it stop me having it?

Happy or rather healthier new year to all.


Jean x

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  • Hi Jean

    I don't know the answer to your question but I can understand how much you hate the idea of delays in your treatment. But it's miserable enough having a cold without piling on the after effects of chemo.

    I hope your cold clears up quickly but if they still feel they want to postpone your treatment by a few days and you feel better maybe you could use the window to give yourself a little treat. When I had a delay because of low blood count we treated ourselves to a two-night break away in a nice hotel. Don't know if that's on for you but maybe it would be an opportunity for some kind of well-deserved self-indulgence.

    Very best wishes


    Linda xx

  • Hi Linda

    What a lovely thought! That's something to think about as you say to stop me worrying about delaying chemo.


    Jean xx

  • Best ask the doctor, I think.

    Best wishes,

    Kathleen :)

  • Dear Jean

    I hope you're feeling better soon. So many people have got colds at the moment. The decision as to whether you can have your second chemotherapy will be based on the blood levels. If you've had a cold your body should be busy manufacturing white blood cells so it's just a matter of giving your body a chance to recover. I was very frustrated by the blood count situation and once had to delay chemotherapy by a week as my haemoglobin count was low. I found it difficult to accept there was absolutely nothing I could do about it except wait until they recovered by themselves. It's not a matter of taking supplements or iron to improve the blood count - it's just that there aren't enough cells in there. I think that's one of the frustrations of having cancer. You just feel so out-of-control of everything.

    I think Linda's advice is very sound. If you have a delay treat it as an opportunity to do something you enjoy and have a week's chemo leave. It won't detract from the end result. What about meeting up for a coffee?

    Loads of love xxxx Annie

  • Dear Jean, I had the most awful cold and cough just before my third chemo and like you was worried it would be delayed our worse still make me feel worse. However chemo went ahead as my bloods were ok and like the other ladies have said that is what counts and what they look for. I did end up on anti biotics later on in the week as it turned into a chest infection,I didn't feel too clever but I coped. Its a funny old game as I have just had chemo number five delayed by a week due to life white blood count and low platelets and yet I felt quite well. Just goes to show we really don't know what our bodies are up to inside. Hope you feel better soon. Best wishes Lisa

  • Dear Jean

    I got pneumonia after my 3rd chemo and ended up in hospital on IV antibiotics, but my blood count was fine so my next chemo went ahead no problem. I'm sure you will be fine.

    Good luck!

    Love Linda xxx

  • Thank you all for your encouragement. This is such a friendly helpful site even if we didn't really want to be here. I feel amongst friends.


    Jean xx

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