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Is it best to have solid benign cyst removed post menopause?

Hi I have a cyst 4cm on one ovary which the doctors have decided is benign after many tests blood and mri They said they can monitor it. But im not sure about having it monitored as not sure if it may develop into cancer later? Any advice as to whether best to have ovaries out. Im 53 and post menopausal dont really want an op but there again dont want in a few years they say its turned into cancer. Any advice or personal experiences what others did. thanks ladies.x

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Hi Shelley,

A tricky one I know, but from the point of view of an OC survivor whose journey was a breeze compared to the other ladies on here I would opt for removal. You are post menopausal and obviously have had a worrying time of late with this cyst which thankfully is benign. Hopefully it will remain that way but if your ovaries start to behave in a more sinister way, as you will witness from the wonderful ladies on here the consequences can be horrendous as well as life threatening.

I presume the operation would be a hysterectomy, which of course is major surgery but you not only eliminate the risk of OC but also the other gynae cancers which imo is one of the only, but important pluses in this journey.

I'm sure you will get more balanced replies on here but it's all food for thought.

Wishing you all the very best in whatever you decide.

Catherine X


I can only answer this from my own personal point of view after having had ovarian cancer, and I had a comparatively easy journey through it all compared to some ladies here.

I really understand you not wanting surgery and to be honest before I had mine I would never have thought I would want surgery but it couldn’t come quickly enough for me and it literally saved my life (my surgeon told me this post op). Ovarian cancer is a total nightmare, so anything you can do now to avoid it could be considered alongside all the relevant information. Speak to your medical team, get the pros and cons, they obviously can’t see what is going to happen in the future but should be able to give estimates on the likelihood of further issues with the cyst. Mine was a cyst containing the cancer that ruptured, fortunately I was in theatre when it went. I have cysts in my breasts and in my liver and if I could have them take out I would but it’s not feasible so I live with them.

I think what I’m saying is that if I was you I’d ask about surgery, you may be able to just have the ovary removed by keyhole surgery which isn’t too invasive then the worry is removed. Im assuming the cyst must have been causing you some issues for the scans to be carried out?

Let us know what you do going forward. Keep well and take care ❤️Xx Jane


It may be that you could have the Laproscopic surgery and have just the Ovaries (including the Cyst) removed along with the Fallopian Tubes. 75% or more of Ovarian cancers have been proven to begin in the Fallopian Tubes, then migrate to the Ovaries.

As you are Post-menopausal, there is no benefit to keeping the Ovaries, so ask your doctor about a bi-lateral Salpingo-Oopherectomy. Small incisions and one to two days of rest at most before returning to usual schedule.

I just read that with the Laproscopic surgery, the procedure should be complete in 30 minutes, with only one or two stitches needed to close.

No further worries about the Benign Cyst, but the possibility for Ovarian cancer remains, but with less likelihood.


Note: My photo is of my late wife, who I lost to Ovarian cancer just over two years ago. I have no formal medical training, just self study on Ovarian Cancer so I can do a better job raising awareness about The deadliest Gynecological cancer planet that is rarely spoken about.


I am sorry for your loss of your wife’s. She looks like a lovely lady.


No matter what the doctors tell you , nobody will know for certain what this is until it is removed and examined by a pathologist. If it was me I would definitely have it removed.


I had endometiod cysts that had been monitored before menapause but my surgeon did not insist on its removal which i happily went along with. After menapause i had some bleeding and the cysts were again looked at. This time diferentt surgeon who told me he would have removed it. When bleeding did not stop he suggested hysterectomy. I was reluctant but he persuaded me. Thanks goodness i did because at surgery the cyst and fallopian tubes looked suspicious. He removed everything and histology showed OC stage 1c.i wonder if it was removed before menapuse i would have been better off. You cannot know but i am still fortunate that i found it now.you need to decide because as i found out the hard way ultrasound and mri don't always give the true picture.I would remove it personally.i know hysterctomy is major surgery and we get scared when we have to make the decision. I hope you can make an informed decision once you read all the experiences of the ladies on this forum.

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Hi Shelley.

From someone whose'fibroid' turned out to be ovarian cancer after they had decided just to monitor it, I would have it out...I too was post menopausal....and they now admit their advice was a mistake.( Obviously, it might be different if you had real reason not to have a general anaesthetic)

Incidentally, I also had...some years ago...a benign tumour removed from my foot when there were other options. Best thing I ever did! Good Luck, Chris xx


Hi Shelly, I have to agree with others & I would have it all out.

When my cousin was a child she had thyroid cancer the doctors decided not to take her thyroid out. She had lots of treatment for this condition. Years later when she was 30 she was diagnose with oc they felt because she didn't have her thyroid removed that was why the cancer went crazy & killed her very quickly.

I hope you make the the right decision for you take care Cindyxx


Thanks ladies for all replies. Bit nervous of having op but the comments have helped me and I think its going to be best to have ovaries removed . I just hope they will do the op. Thanks again ladies for your advice and I wish everyone well.x


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