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Forthcoming oncologist appointment

Ct scan done results at my oncology appointment

Ca 125 done today results my oncology appointment

Well there is nothing I can do now but hope and pray that I will get good news at my 2month post chemo follow up next week. Not holding my breath as I think can read my body quite well after 5 and a half years of treatment. Feeling much stronger mentally (fewer weepies) and physically but I know the abdo discomfort. Will be happy if disease just stable.


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Hi Sue

Good luck for your results, I just hope you don't have to wait too long for the appointment and the news is good. Everything is a waiting and worrying game with this. Let us know when you hear.

Take care.

Love Linda xx


Thanks Linda. x


Hi Sue,

Just sending you my love best wishes and prayers x G x :-)


thanks Gwyn Can I remember how to do smilies :-)


Yesssssssssss. Brain ok despite last week's labrynthitis!!!1 Lost my sealegs and fell over into the dog's bed( she wasn't in it!!!). Am fine now!! XX :-)


Hi Sue. Good luck with your results

Louise. X :-)


Heres hoping the news is good! Thinking of you Sue!

Love Margaret!



Hi Sue! Will be keeping everything crossed for a good result. :-)

Thoughts and wishes.......

Love Wendy xx


Hi Sue, I will be thinking of you and hope your appt. is on time! waiting is unbearable, let us know how it goes, love Diane xxx :)


Wishing you all the best , Sue.

Linda xx


Sending you very positive thoughts xxxxx

Love Jan xxxx


Thankyou everyone. You don't realize how much the support on here means until you receive it. I think it's because everyone has been there and are non judgemental about others

wobblies. Will post the outcome.

Love Suex.


Hope you have good news!


Anne x


Dear Sue

This is a horrible time. I'm just hoping that the results are much better than you're hoping for. We all hope for the best but have to prepare for the worst. It's tough.

I'm glad you're still doing smileys and it sounds as though you're feeling better head-wise.

Take care. I shall be thinking of you. xxx

lots of love Annie


Hello Sue,

Good luck on the results. I too am in a similar position. Went for scan yesterday, have an appointment with Oncologist next week, so like you just wanting things to be stable. Chemo going ok CA showing a slight downward trend so fingers crossed for both of us.

Luv Liz D X


Will keep my fingers crossed for you Liz And be thinking of you next week. My appt is 29th.

Love Suexx


Good luck sue hope it all goes well.

Three weeks till mine.

Sharon x


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