Just got back from my lovely oncologist and he is pleased that the tumors in my stomach and liver significantly reduced, so pleased that all the pain of chemo. been worth it and worth loosing my hair for 2x paxi/taxoland carboplatin to go then with luck clear of these little buggers again, to start my healthy living campaign and do what Dru has done to keep at bay neurophen and budwig diet.

love to all Jenny

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  • Hi Jenny,

    This is good news.. thank you for this lovely update :-D love x G x :-)

  • So pleased to hear the good news Jenny.

    Here's to the future :)

    Love & best wishes

    Mary xx

  • Excellent news! Well done. Such a relief for you I'm sure and well done for making plans for when you've finished the chemo.

    SA100 xxx

  • Lovely news Jenny

    Enjoy the sunshine and relax.

    X Angie X

  • So pleased to hear a positive story. Glad your feeling its been worth it.

    Keep on being strong

    Lots of love

    Suzanne. xxxx

  • So glad to hear this news, Jenny. Hope the new regime does the job with keeping you feeling healthy and back on top of things

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you all so much for your lovely responses to my good news, I hope we all get good news from now on. love Jenny

  • Brilliant news, Jenny! Xxx

  • Fantastic so pleased for you xxx

  • Jenny, congratulations for the good results in your treatment.



  • Good news is always a joy to hear, our own or someone else sharing the same worries. x

  • That is good news. Cx

  • Great news Jenny. Lets hope the nest two chemo sessions zap the lot!!!


  • Thankyou again for all your good wishes we really are all together on this site,its so good to have each other when news is good or bad.love and hugs to all.


  • Great news Jenny so pleased to read your post

    Lots of hugs Amanda x

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