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Linda's Funeral

I just wanted to say how grateful me and my family are for the wonderful messages we have been sent over the past couple of days. Some have made me cry and smile.

I cannot believe how many lives my mum touched, it has bought me such comfort in these difficult days. All I want to do is talk about her and hear other people's memories and stories. She always had an amazing sense of humour and this obviously came across on the site.

I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough right now, she was given some great advice and support from the site.

I just can't believe I will never see her sat in her chair again, laptop on lap tapping away. She would always say, just checking my Ovacome...

Mum's funeral will take place on the 2nd of August at Tunbridge Wells Crematorium at 2.30pm, I would love it if people would light a candle for her on that day in her memory. It would mean an awful lot!

Once again, thanks so much for all your support over the past days.

Sarah xxx

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Dear Sarah

I shall most certainly light a candle for Linda at 2:30 on 2nd August and will be thinking of you all and of a very dear friend. xxxx love Annie


Hi Sarah

Thanks once again for letting us know. 2.30pm is 9.30pm here in Singapore, but I shall most definitely light a candle and remember Linda.

It's one of the hardest things, losing your mother. When it happened to me, people would say "she'll always be

with you" and I thought it was just comforting words, but it turned out to be true in a way I could never have imagined.

I wish you and your family strength and comfort in each other on 2nd August.

Monique x


Sarah you can count on me ...I wll be at the hospital getting a picc line fitted ...but I shall certainly remember your mum and pray for you all...I ony wish I could be there to say my last goodbye...but a candle is a good idea...thinking of you love x G x


Dear Sarah

I will think of Linda and light a candle for her

Take care

Anne x


Dear Sarah,

I will be thinking of you and your family on the 2nd August,

as it happens it is our wedding anniversary on that day.

It will be a difficult day for you but try and be brave and

know that your lovely mum will be smiling down on you.

Much Love

Angie xx


I will light one of the Ovacome ones and think of her, i'm fairly certain she was one of the ones who weighed in and came up with such an awkward recipe for a walk along the seaside sand, so it's part hers. try to have a happy day of remembrance as well as farewell.


Sue xxx


Ah yes, happy memories of Linda. Sarah - did you hear about Sue's Ovacome scented candles? She put up a blog months back asking us what our favourite smell would be and we all sent in our ideas. I think Sue's right that your mum liked the smell of a walk along the seaside. Sue came up with fantastic teal coloured scented candles that smell beautiful. I've now used all mine up so need to re-order. Do take up Sue's offer. xxx with love Annie


In fact if you would like it, I will send you a candle too for her. if so, just PM me address and I will pop it straight in the post.

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I will light a candle for Linda she was a lovely lady, I am sorry I won' t be at the funeral but I find them to depressing, especially now. I will be thinking of you of this very sad day in your lives. Love Babs x x


Dear Sarah,You will be in my thoughts,and i will light a candle for Linda at 2.30,Take Care,Love Sue xx


Of course. Thinking of you all. Cxxx


Hi we will be at church for a wedding and it would be a privilege to light a candle for mum and say a prayer. I wish you and your family strength and comfort knowing she was loved

Ally x


SO sorry to read of your Mum's death! I didn't realise all the changes that were happening, and just thought everyone had gone quiet. This was the saddest news to come back to.

All love to you and yours,



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