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Hi all! I was supposed to have my 2nd round of carbo/taxol today. I couldn't have treatment because my platelet count was low (87). When they first checked my blood, it was 155, then last time before any chemo it was 114. Then today it was 87. It was disappointed to be delayed a week, but they did tell me it may happen. I just didn't think it would happen after the 1st treatment. Has anyone else had this happen after the 1st treatment? On a positive note, I had an amazing friend come to town this week and we got our hair cut yesterday. Most of my hair had fallen out so I had it shaved. My friend donated 12 inches of her hair to Pantene to make wigs for cancer patients. She did it in my honor!! Isn't that amazing!! I am so blessed, honored, and thankful that she would do that for me. It was awesome and it made it so much easier for me to have my hair shaved. It's so much better. What I had left was extremely thin and unhealthy looking. I feel so much better now that I took charge of it! Hope you all are doing well! Blessings!! xxxx


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  • I think most of us have had interruptions to chemo for one reason or another. Mine was open sores on my hands cycle 3. It's frustrating and I'm sure you will get advice for your problem. On a different note see if you can get on a Headstrong course through Macmillan. I went Monday. Lots of good advice on looking after your scalp and a great opportunity to try on different headgear and learn to tie scarves. I left with two free beautiful cotton scarves. It was quite liberating being bald in the company of others snd not feeling self conscious. X

  • Sorry to hear that you've had an issue however you know that you're being monitored for all the right reasons. Glad to hear that you had a fun day with your friend, it's a relief when the hair is off isn't it! Your friend really did a brilliant thing too.

    Funnily enough I've now had three sessions of chemo and I still have a very short stubble over most of my head, I do look bald but I can feel and see these hairs! Weird ! I've also not lost any more eyelashes (a few small gaps but that's it) and still have eyebrows - I suppose I thought these would have been more impacted by now.

    I hope you soon build up enough for session two. I'm wearing badge number 3 and should have session 4 on 8th June. Hubby and I both wear little numbered badges fr each session and the weeks in between.

    I'm having a PICC line fitted next week as the veins that were being used for the insertion suddenly went hard.

    Take care


  • Andrea,

    My bloodwork was border line before my second chemo but oncologist went ahead with second line. I am hoping they don't go down before my third line, I have seen a lot of posts where other ladies have had the same problem.

    What a lovely gesture from your amazing friend , I had my head shaved last Wednesday and felt more in control, I found it difficult to cope with hair shredding everywhere and bald patches.

    I bought a lovely wig last week that is very similar to what my own hair looked like, I have named her Tilly, I wear scarves if I am local and stay uncovered in the house.

    Be good to yourself, eat all the good foods to help you build up your strength, make sure you rest and hopefully you will be able to continue your treatment very soon.

    Hugs Ellseybellsey xx

  • I had chemo delayed due to platelets but they seem to bounce up and down. Have they put it off for a week? In was on carboplatin and gemcitabine and I had the IV ok the following week. Your friend sounds amazing.

  • Thank you so much!! Yes, they delayed it one week. Has your doctor told you anything you could eat or do to help bring your platelets up? Blessings to you.

  • No just generally eat healthily and get some gentle exercise which I do anyway.

  • Hi Andrea, I had number 2 cycle delayed due to low wbcs but continued after that and the treatment was successful.

    What a wonderful gesture of friendship your friend made!

    Hope all is well with your bloods soon.

    Sandra x

  • Hi Andrea, I know how disappointing it is to have chemo cancelled due to blood tests. The culprit for me isn't my p!atelets but my white blood cells. On first line and again on second line it delayed my treatment considerably whilst we waited for it to come back up. On first line it didn't make a difference to the outcome as I still got NED once treatment complete. Still going through second line at present.

    What a lovely friend you have. I think your wise taking ownership and getting rid of the hair. I felt dirty when it started to fall and it brought me down so I acted fast too and had it shaved, I immensely felt much better.

    Hope your platelets improve soon. Eat a big steak and lots of veg. Ann xo

  • Hi. I had low platlets, White and red cells but to the end in the end. Just be careful about any cuts as low platlets reduce the bloods ability to clot. Sx

  • Hi Andrea....Has anyone suggested you have a blood transfusion to avoid missing treatments? I was transfused 3 times due to a low red cell count....also had neupogen injections twice a week when my white count dropped. I only missed one treatment out of the 18. Maybe you could ask your doctor or nurse when you go for your next appointment.

    So happy you have such a good friend to honor you that way with her hair. I'm sure you're a good friend to her, too.

    I wish you the very best......Judy

  • Hi Andrea

    I had the injections and didn't miss a treatment, but I also had 2 blood transfusions as well so maybe it was a combination of both, but I know I was borderline, so maybe you could suggest both, it's frustrating if you can't get the treatment done,

    Good luck and best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you all so very much!! Yes it's disappointing but I definitely understand. It's for my own good! Has your doctor suggested eating or doing anything to increase them? I did read where protein & veggies are good to help. Yes, I feel so much better now that my hair is gone. When it was shedding & leaving bald patches, it was quite upsetting. Now that it's shaved, I feel 100% better. Blessings to all! Thank you so much for your sweet & helpful responses!! Xxx


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