Chemo cancelled this week

My weekly taxol got cancelled yesterday, have a temp of 38.3, felt a bit achy but otherwise fine, had bloods done and on a drip for 2 hrs, all bloods came back ok, so they think it's viral but sent me home on antibiotics just to make sure it doesn't develop into something nasty, better safe than sorry!!!

Have to say the chemo nurses were so lovely and caring.

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  • Better safe than sorry. I had temp yesterday and was feeling sick so they asked doc to review me. He took an hour and said am ok to go ahead. When I was done pharmacy running behind with meds then they forgot something so I was sent to pharmacy to collect it coz they needed my chair

    Think my service was lacking this week lol

    Bravo for your care how long until you can have next dose?

    LA xx

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better now Lily-Anne, lol yes sounds as if the service was a bit stretched!!

    Only have to wait till next Friday so no too long.


  • Hope you're feeling better this week and can go ahead as planned on Friday. Sending you good thoughts. Kerry xx

  • Thanks Kerry, just want to get into a routine with it all, if that's at all possible.

    How are you doing? Xx

  • Hi! So so sorry for the late reply. I kind of went off the radar for a week or two. I'm doing fine now but I definitely went through a sort of -- well, that's over with, NOW WHAT? sort of post-traumatic thing. Please forgive me for disappearing, and let me know how you're doing? In the meantime, I'll go check the boards and see if you've posted an update more recently :) Big hugs from me xx

  • Hi Kerry

    I don't blame you for going of the radar, you need to process what you've been through and it's such an emotional time so no need to apologise at all, I just wish you all the best.

    I'm ok doing OK, had my second treatment last Friday and it went well and minimum side effects, so I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. But you take care of yourself big hugs karen xx

  • Yay! That's excellent news; I'm so glad. You are right -- I think I absolutely needed some time to process. You think you'd be turning cartwheels when it's over but it's so much more complicated, isn't it? Wishing you all the best, Karen, and sending big hugs back! xx

  • Thank you, take care kerry xxx

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