Avastin stopped working now

Hi , everyone, After 10 months its back had I was told yesterday after scan last week..Had a bad night even though I sort of had a feeling it was coming back.So in a few weeks start carboplatin and caelyx .Also may have to have uriney stents put in [anyone else had these].Feeling very down thought I would cope .love Carol x x OH and do you loose your hair with Caelyx x

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  • You dont lose hair with Caelyx

  • Thaks Jackie, its only just grown back so that's good to know x x x

  • The lady who runs our support group has a uriney stent, she has to have it replaced but I am not sure how often. Could be worth asking about removal and replacement. The other issue is she comes under a different consultant for the stents. Sorry to hear that it is back, sounds like you are in good hands and that they have got you back into chemotherapy regime promptly.

    Love Wendy x

  • Thanks Wendy,ill ask when I see the consultant . x x xx

  • Hi there .. It's a rubbish disease .. Doctors just can't really second guess ow long remission s will be .. But Caelyx my give you a much longer time between treatments .. It's just a thought. I'm going into treatments myself soon .. Hope you feel much brighter later ... Sending you my good wishes .. Love Tina x x

  • Thanks Tina x x x

  • Thanks Millie

  • Thanks Millie x x

  • Hi, Sandra had Caelyx/Carboplatin in 2011. It worked quite well in that her CA125 plummeted and she managed to complete all 6 cycles, something she has,nt been able to do with her other regimens. The good news is you dont lose your hair. Is this your 2nd or 3rd line of treatment. Love Paul xx

  • Hi Paul this is my 3rd line,cant wait to get started now allways feel better when the 1st one is over thanks.love carol x x

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear your news.Its such a stressful and disappointing time.Hopefully the new regime will work well.

    Best wishes

    Anne x

  • Thanks Annie x x

  • Hi there, I cant really add anything but just want to wish you all the very best on your treatment. Will be thinking of you. Good news that you wont loose your hair. Take care. JacJac

  • Thanks JacJac x x

  • Hi Caz,

    I'm sorry you're looking at re-starting chemotherapy. I know what you mean about wanting to get on with it. I'm just about to re-start chemo next Tuesday. I was actually relieved to have the dates so I can plan things around the visits to the hospital and hopefully there's a goal in sight at the end of the treatment.

    I hope you get on well with Carbo-Caelyx. It was one of the combinations my onc discussed. It's not a big thing to lose hair but all the same makes life easier if you don't have to.

    I hope the chemo does the trick, and that you're feeling more cheerful soon. xxx love Annie

  • Hi Annie.Hope all goes well for you on Tuesday,I just didn't want to explain to grandchildren I was ill again even with the wig on my grandson said" why does your hair move Nanny" lol.More worried about the stents,getting paranoid now about my kidneys.thats enough about me. whats your next chemo to be. x x xlove carol

  • Sorry you have to start treatment again but I hope that this one does the trick and gives you a long remission.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Thanks Jackie x x

  • Hi kaz . Juliet here . I was on avastin and my tumour has returned after 9 months on avastin . It has grown quite a lot lot and my lymph glands r affected . I have now been taken off the avastin and due to start Caelyx on Thursday . I feel quite annoyed that the tumour has grown so fast . Caelyx is a good drug but there is now a shortage of it but I am lucky enough that they have enough 4 the 6 courses I need in Velindre . I didn't like avastin as I had constant headaches and was really glad to finish it . I wish u all the luck and here's hoping we will beat this thing even 4 a short time . Take care and god bless x

  • Hi Juliet.i had headaches too but still hoped to go a year .Good luck for Thursday love Carol x x x

  • Hi Juliet, I see you are being treated at Velindre. I am being treated there too. There is a support group for Ovarian Cancer patients in the area. We meet the last Wed of month in Churchills hotel in Cardiff if you are well enough to join us you will be made more than welcome. It is a very informal group. Time 11am-12.30


  • Hi carol.

    I have stents in the tubes from my kidneys to my bladder (can't remember what the tubes are called. ) they are great. I felt very poorly before I had them put in but as soon as I had the op I felt so much better. I have them changed ever 6 months but that is only day surgery. You may feel a little tender after but nothing major.

    Hope your treatment goes well.

    Love Heather x

  • Yes that's the ones im having thanks so much Heather.Love Carol x x

  • Hi Caz - hope you get through the treatment without any problems. Can't imagine what it's like to be starting chemo for the 3rd time having completed first line treatment myself in April. Good news about the hair tho.

    Love Annette xxx

  • Thanx AnnieMae x x x

  • Hi Carol

    I am just finishing treatment with carbo/cealyx. No hair loss and not too many side effects. Unfortunately as I have a hiatus hernia the chemo has triggered a reaction every time so I have suffered more than most would on this regime. But all looking good after recent scan and I am looking forward to a chemo-free Xmas. I too have read that there is now another shortage of caelyx so I'm glad you will be able to have your full course. Good luck with your treatment xxxxxx Colette

  • Thanx Colette,didnt know about the shortage but will be glad to get started .loveCarol x x

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