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Not been on for a while as have not been too great having had more surgery and still coping with an open would and an abscess. I started 3rd line treatment ( Caelyx) on Thursday having been told again that NICE do not sanction Avastin because of the cost, does anyone know if this is a post code lottery ' im having treatment at Hammersmith Hospital' or is it to do with peoples ages as I am now 69 although I have never been told this was a problem .


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  • Who knows? I am sure there will be people that can enlighten you on the post code lottery.

    I am sending you my best wishes love x G x

  • I read somewhere in an NHS leaflet that the age limit for Avastin is 65. Annie (whoppit) will also confirm the criteria is for 1st and 2nd line treatment only but I understand it is also administered much later but this could be a lottery. Love Paul xx

  • If this is the case and there is an age limit of 65 this is terrible! 65 is young, both my Grandmothers lived to their mid 90's, one in her own home until the last month (and she was out dancing 3 times a week until the last few years)The idea that the NHS can simply say you are too old, when you could normally expect another 30 years is disgusting! I hope they change the criteria, especially as they still keep claiming its rare to get oc when you are young....I'm 44, I'd say that's young!

    Love Chris

  • ha ha ha ha!!! Annie Whoppit! Wish I'd thought of that screen alias!

  • Oops sorry typo error on my ipad with keys being adjacent. It was funny though.

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  • I am ... larger than life?

  • This is the link for NHS



  • The first step is to get your medical team to Apoeal for you to get treated by Avastin. I am sure women over 65 have been treated. Why don't you look on the blogs section for a post by Louise at Ovacome for the accurate info, just use the search box and 'Avastin'. Look on ovacome.org.uk for info on the fact sheets. There's also the helpline, open on Monday morning, on 08453710554. They will give you the accurate info.

    Yhere is a lot of unfairness over the prescription of Avastin, as Whippit will tell you, depending on where you live, because NICE didnt authorise it, i think. all a bit complicated.

    All the best

    Love Wendy xx

  • Dear Bettyanne

    It isn't a postcode lottery or an age lottery in your case, it's because it's only granted by NICE for the first and second lines of chemotherapy.

    A lady called Jenny Bogle spoke at the APPG for Ovarian Cancer about this as she'd had to fund Avastin privately for her third line of chemotherapy and she was testament to how effective it can be for some women.

    It does seem ridiculous to limit it to the first and second line only if a patient is lucky enough for it to work effectively for them.

    My oncologist played it down at my latest appointment but then I am not eligible because I'm treated by Cardiff and the Vale NHS Trust and they don't fund it. Professor Hani Gabra at the Hammersmith gave a talk a year or so back and said that weekly Taxol was found to have the same additional months of remission as Avastin. Is he your oncologist? It might be worth asking if you can speak to him about this.

    I understand the Hammersmith is doing pioneering surgery which is prolonging the lives of women with ovarian cancer. If you've had radical surgery recently you might feel up to giving feedback to NICE who have a questionnaire out about it at the moment. The URL is guidance.nice.org.uk/IP/964

    I'm being referred to the Royal Marsden. I had asked if I could have a referral to Hammersmith as I'd like to explore the options of a second surgical procedure. I'm really sorry to hear you've been so uncomfortable with yours. I hope the abces clears and you're feeling much better very soon.

    with love Annie xxx

  • Thanks everyone for your explanations, would just like to point out though that I was never offered Avastin on either my first or second line treatments, oh well scrapheap for me then. And yes Annie I am under Prof Gabra who in his defence wanted to put me on a trial but it involved Taxol again but because of neuropathy in both feet I was unable to have.I do hope you get satisfaction at the RM.

    Love to all


  • Dear Bettyann I am 69 diagnosed high grade 3 OC July 12 I am on 2nd line chemo carbo/gem I have also been offered Avastin along with my oncologist and myself I have to decide whether I commence this line of treatment due to the fact I have Crohn's disease, nothing to do with my age one of the side effects of the drug being perforated bowel.Any help on making this decision would be much appreciated. Take care Love Btte xx.

  • Hi Btte

    I am sorry but I am unable to help on this one Btte, but maybe if you ask in the search box others on this site could have had the same problems. Hope whatever you decide works well for you.

    Love to all


  • Bettyann I am 71 and I am having Avastin after first line chemo. I'm lucky because my health board is the only one in Wales funding treatment with Avastin. I am really upset that others can't have it. Love Jean xx

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