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I did it! The Three Peaks of Yorkshire Challenge

On Saturday 20th July I completed the Three Peaks of North Yorkshire Challenge in 12 hours 35 minutes.

Fortunately the weather was kind to us after the recent heat wave, and it was cloudy and dull for most of the day.

The first peak Pen-Y-Ghent at 2272 feet was a challenge in itself, and I did start doubting my ability to do another one, never mind two.

However we tackled Whernside and then last but not least Ingleborough. By the time we reached the summit I didn’t think my poor tired legs could take and more and did wonder how on earth I was going to make it back to the car.

Many thanks to my husband Darren, son Tom, to our friends who accompanied us, and to everyone who sponsored us, it was the thought of all of them believing that I could do this, and the money I was raising for Ovacome ( almost 2000.00 to date) that kept me going. I also wore an Ovacome T shirt to hopefully raise awareness of OC.

Love Brenda xx

P.S. tried to post a picture here, but failed so I will try and post it as my profile picture.

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Hi Brenda,

That's absolutely fantastic- congratulations and so well done- it must leave you with a great sense of achievement

Anne x


Fantastic, Brenda.

That is some feat and to raise so much money too is worth all our thanks. I am so pleased you were able to complete this, kudos to you!

Andy x


Well done!!!

What an achievement and raising so much money as well. Something to look back on in years to come and say I did that. I bet you are so proud.

Hugs Jackie xxx


Terrific achievement, Brenda. Well done. Make sure you reward yourself appropriately!

Linda xx


Well done Brenda, what an achievement, you should be sooooo proud. Gill xx


What a fantastic achievement, Brenda! Very well done and much respect! You will have to find a really good way of rewarding yourself.......involving some real good indulgence ;-)

Love Wendy xx


Well done Brenda you must feel very proud you did it and raising so much money too. well done again.

Love Angie xx


Wow, when I read of your challenge thought to myself this lady can give up if it's too much. But no way were you going to give up! Huge respect to both you and your family. What an amazing feat. I'm in awe. Xxx Congratulations! X Annie


Well done Brenda now put your feet up love x G x 8-)


Fantastic Brenda, what a great achievement xx


What an achievement......fantastic!!

Lynn x


Brilliant well done Brenda xxx


Brenda, congratulations! A real superwoman but instead of flying makes a heroic action walking!! You´re an inspiration to all in this blog.

Hugs, Fernanda.


Wow. Well done you, very impressive. Hope you're very proud of yourself, that's a fantastic achievement.

What's next?!!!!.




Well done , I really admire your achievement and you raised loads as well. Dy x


That's wonderful, Brenda. Well done for pushing through the tiredness barrier and achieving your goal - it must feel so good. Thanks for raising all that money, too.


Well done Brenda!

What a fantastic achievement. We went walking in the Lakes a couple of weeks ago and i was thrilled when i got to the top of the Old Man of Consiton! And i did the Race for Life in Scarborough last week and managed to run it all without walking once. It just shows what we can do with a bit of determination!!

What's next on the agenda??!!!

Lots of love MB x


Amazing Brenda, you must be so proud. HOpe the boys made it all the way with you.

I've just signed up for 10k walk today, double the longest I've ever walked (embarrassingly) but yours will forever beat mine as I doubt I will EVER go that far!


sue xxx


Well done Brenda! I take my hat of to you! I used to do the 3 peaks annually with Geog Soc when I was a Student in the early 60's! Couldn't do it these days!

I feel a misery for carping about the weather but this heat is becoming unbearable, I feel sick and sweaty and, despite drinking gallons of water I have agonising cramp in my calves and shins so I cannot sleep!

Thank goodness for R4 extra! I am currently listening to Good Wives (recorded earlier in the week)




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