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Hi Everyone,

Have any of you ladies ever had a mirena coil fitted and ended up with ovarian cancer later in life? I know they can be quite painfull to begin with once they are fitted and can cause problems, most women get them removed after 5 years, so it would not give you lasting effects, I wish I had done it anything to not have ended up with O.C, but maybe I was always going to get O.C what ever I chose in the way of family planning!! having said that the pill has a good record, of not getting it in future for me it was age,[50] that is why I got O.C, and just very bad luck.


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I had a coil but cannot remember what kind. It was in for quite a long time. I only took the pill for 4 years. My daughter's GP put her on the contraceptive implant as soon as he found out I have OC. Aparently the biggest risk is to have started periods early, had late menopause, few children and not taken pill for long. I fit the lot! Something to do with number of times you ovulate. I suspect my husband's multiple infidelities over the 33 years we were married (the ones I could name run into 3 figures) might have something to do with it. Whatever caused it there is no point in "what ifs" and "whatevers" it wastes time and time is precious!


I fit into this pattern too. where did you hear this as nobody has ever discussed anything with me


Cannot remember, one of the drs I think! Myy have been from the internet when I was researching. I seem to recall some kind of remark when my history was being taken.


Hi Janet, Margaret and Sarah,

Although I do not do 'what ifs' there is a good point here I feel. For a cancer whose cause is so little known - why do they not do more research with us and our life styles to see if they can come up with other risk factors?

Love Lizzie



We all go through the "what ifs". Human nature. Trouble is it just pulls you down. We cant change what has happened and need all our emotional energies to deal with what we are experiencing today.

I had "a" coil fitted back in the 70's but had to have it removed as it got imbedded in the womb lining a couple of years later. Went on to have another baby no problem. Have 4 all told. Normal start date with periods , normal menopause with no problems. Was alittle over weight in latter years, always skinny til I was 40. my only link was a sister who died at 37 with ov, tho gynae surgeon did not think mine was linked. Who knows, wwe could search forever for a reason

Take care Sarah and try and enjoy each day. I know it's not always easy.

Luv'n'hugs Sue xx


Hi Sarah I had 2 Mirena coils in for 4yrs each time, with no break in between. And I have OC stage 1C. I'm not sure if that caused it, as I have a family history of OC as well, my Great Auntie died of OC and my Auntie, so I am looking into the Genetic link, as I have a younger sister and a 22 yr old daughter. But I have heard that there is a link with the Mirena coil and OC cancer. It maybe an idea for the family planning people to do more research on this. I would certainly not recommend anyone in my family using the Mirena coil, better to be safe than sorry, now I have had to go through this. I am 50 as well and its interesting that you were also 50, when you were diagnosed with OC.

Take Care

Didy xx


dear Sarah,

i am intrigued that you have brought this up as i have had 3 coils over a span of 15 years two of them mirena coils. my mother still believes to this day that they have a contribution to me getting OC at 42. i have had three children and normal pregnancies the first when i was twenty. i mentioned it to my GP who kept very mum and did not believe that there is a link. its hindsight for us though and i know everyone of us would do anything, anything to turn back our clocks to when we could have prevented OC. unfortunately we are lumbered with it and it is poor show that there i just not the expertise or funds to research all this further.


Hi Sarah

Yes, I had the mirena coil, the first one for five years and the second for two years. Mine was fitted when I was in my forties to deal with the very heavy periods I was having. It worked very well, my periods stopped altogether which was such a relief and I didn't have any side effects from it.

When I was diagnosed with OC I was shocked when I read the booklet they give you to find out I did not fit any of the criteria that made it more likely you would get it. Also no-one in my family to my knowledge had ever had cancer, apart from an older sister who had bone cancer. However as she was a half-sister with a different mother to me, we always assumed it came from her own mother's side of the family.

I have never heard there is a link between the mirena coil and OC but as my daughter now has it fitted, obviously this is of great concern to me.

I see my oncologist in March after finishing the second cycle of 6 chemos and I will definitely bring this up as if there was even the slightest chance that there is a link, I'd want my daughter to have it removed asap.

Who knows why we've got this awful disease, I try not to think about that and avoid thinking 'if only'. I just try and make the most of each day and am so looking forward to getting the last chemo next week and hopefully have some time off before it rears its ugly head again as no doubt it will!!

Good luck for the future.

Cathy xx


Hear hear Cathy!


When I had my first op after being diagnosed I had the mirena coil fitted to stop cancer cells dividing!!! I was 30 when I was diagnosed. then had to get coil removed after being advised to have womb also removed (wanted to keep it to have a family via donor eggs). looks like we all have diff opinions from docs!


Yes. started periods at 13 had cysts removed at 21 and taken off the pill as op showed I rarely ovulated. Had fertility drugs for my two daughters in my late 30's. Mirena coil fitted to help with heavy periods at start of menopause at 52, diagnosed with stage 2 a year later!!Don't smoke ,rarely drink wine, eat organic foods, no stress. Convinced it was the coil that caused my oc but consultants disregard this theory. Would like to be included in research.Nearly a year since end of chemo and still trying to lose the weight I piled on plus I ache all over. Not fun!!


Hi Janet

I too am battling the weight! I have joined slimming world and, so far, being very strict, it seems to be working! Mind you I Always had a weight problem!



I had a Mirena coil fitted and through life changes, moving, divorce etc I had different GP's, only after 9 years was it removed.. I had a bad time during the menopause with Zoladex injections etc. Whent the coil was removed it had buried itself somehow into the lining and was v painful to remove. Now nearly 58 I had CIN 2 diagnosed and after making enquiries (which sometimes is not a good idea) found that scratches to the uterus encourages the CIN to take hold. After two attempts to remove the site of CIN I am now awaitng the results of the last smear.

I have to say the doctors were great, but you are asked to have smears regularly, something that I always have done, when they do find something the process seems to slow down. 6 weeks for an appointment, 5-6 weeks after that for the result of smears. Another wait for another follow up and another smear ....

Things are looking better, I have been given a course of Gynest for the thinning of the lining because of pain during sex and examination. Still aware that the CIN can come back and move on to full blown CIN3 in later life.

Learned a lot in the last year, but Mirena, I suspect, may be a contributing factor in encouraging the conditions for CIN to take hold.

In essence Mirena should be removed much earlier and when they are inserted this be made known to the patient and why.


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