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Goal achieved: Glastonbury Festival!

I'd always wanted to go to the festival; but over the years worsening disability, lack of funds/time/companions - you put things on the back-burner, don't you.

A couple of months ago the thought popped into my mind again. I sent an email asking if it was possible to go, expecting all tickets to be allocated. When they wrote back saying I could apply for a 'disabled' 1 day pass I went for it! A suitable B+B was easily found and on Saturday we packed up and drove the 300 miles to Somerset.

One of my helpers came along and we had a fantastic time! The sun shone all the time and people were so helpful. I loved the side shows, people with novelty acts and big personalities. Big Top had amazing ariel acrobatics, jugglers and limbo dancers; colourful costumes, music, so much adrenalin.

Sunday night we saw Mumford and Sons, the atmosphere was electric! To be there, standing with 10s of thousands singing and cheering felt unreal. And quite an achievement!

I can finally say 'I was there' :)

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I watched some of it of TV. What a change it was not to be up to their knees in mud.

It looked a really good weekend, glad you enjoyed it and are now able to say 'you were there'

Chris xx


Sounds great - well done you.

Monique x


Thanks Chris and Monique. Yes, mud was sadly?? lacking lol x


Dear Judith

What a wonderful post! I was so excited to read it and you have inspired me to think about going. I watched it on television this year and it did indeed look fantastic. I have not been to Glastonbury and as we watched it I suggested that perhaps it was something I should do at least once in my life.

I can only say you are a massive inspiration to us all.

with love xxx Annie


So glad you had a great time. I have never fancied Glastonbury myself - too many people but I know a couple of people who have been and they said it was a great experience.

I bet you were glad it wasn't muddy!

What's next on your adventure list? Whatever it is enjoy it.

Hugs Jackie xxxx


Wow wow wow wow wow!!! It's my wildest dream also? I heard the Stones' set was incredible. What a fantastic experience. I am so glad you went. Cxxx


Good for you! I fear most of us could only bear it if there was glamping involved.... How about an OC ladies pavilion next year?




Incredibly pleased for you. I doubt there would be many people in all those 10 of thousands of people who would have enjoyed it more than you. I am sure this illness gives us the capacity to enjoy experiences like this more than anyone else.

I have gone to Latitude (small by comparison with Glastonbury) for the last few years. Last year I waddled around with an ascities and did a lot of sitting down. But like you watching Elbow, with fireworks, I almost cried with joy.

What next?




Well done, I would never have thought of phoning up and asking, i would have presumed they were all sold out.... And special disabled admission as well. Wonderful. I am glad you had a great day. I think I'm jealous, but i know my hubby couldn't cope with crowds like that!!

Love n hugs



Fab! It's on my list of things to do as well. So glad you went. Keep fighting Dawn x


Glad you had a good time. Festival medics who are doctors who give cover at Glastonbury and other festivals had Ovacome leaflets and inform\ation which were available during the festival in their tent.



It was exciting just reading your post about it...good for you x


Well done you for going and fulfilling a long held wish. I watched some of Mumford and Sons on TV and it looked good.



well done youI am very jelouse. lol Bette x


Glad you enjoyed it, I didn't go this year, so jealous of you for going!



Wow!! So many responses have brought tears to my eyes! lol I pondered over blogging this as it didn't seem important....thank you much....for giving me permission to feel 'proud' of my achievement :)

What next? Been to see The Drifters tonight....will be whistling at the Dreamboys tomorrow night and Saturday is Jimmy Carr live. My house is a mess but I'm having fun going out lol

Found out last week I'm having total knee replacement surgery on 16th so that might clip my wings for a while.... will plan my next 'adventure' after that.

Thank you once again for sharing my achievement of getting to Glastonbury x


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