another holiday achieved

another holiday achieved

I'm glad to say that I've achieved another of my things on my wish list, with a visit to the gardens at Kuenkenhoef gardens in Holland, with my best friend and her husband who alos have a motorhome. We had some glorious weather, and some cold and grotty weather. After a lovely meal on the first night at a resturant in Calais harbour, we set off northwards and stopped for 2 nights in Bruges, when it was lovely, and we had a boat ride round the canals. Unfortunatly my friend has other health problems to me, and is unable to walk unaided, so the cobbled streets made it very uncomfortable for her in a buggy! We drove on to the campsite near the gardens, and the weather got cold, so on the appointed day we dressed up in warm jumpers and waterproofs and set off for the gardens. I managed to walk round quite well, with occasional stops, which leased me, but my friend found it very cold on the buggy. The displays were glorious in the marquees, and the gadren beds were amazing. worth the wait.

After the gardens we came back down to Ypres, where my friend had a great uncle buried in one of the cemetries nearby, so that was her wish from the visit.

they came home then, but we stopped on over Easter, and the weather broke.... sat in the van in the rain for 2 days outside Boulogne.

Home again to sunshine, and a Ca125 to check out where I'm at.

now for my next item on the wish list..... Eurostar to Paris....

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  • Yayyyy! You did it! Glad you had some wonderful moments to add to your memory bank. I've always wanted to go to Ypres, my Grandfather was there. Eurostar to Paris is wonderful. We had a wonderful time there on my 60th birthday. Loved the whole experience, but watch the pick-pockets on the metro ... they have so many ways of distracting you and you have to be clever with your purse to outwit them. Don't let it put you off though. It's a beautiful interesting city. My husband puts valuables in a zip pocket on a pair of travel trousers, someone reaching near his knees will get a kick in the face :-O

    Keep planning and hope the CA125 result is as positive as your holiday

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi,

    Great to see you around, wondered what you had been up to. Glad you had a good time. You give me confidence!

    We have just acquired a caravan and have been making tentative forays into the world of caravanning.!!

    My CA 125 is due next week too, with oncologist the following week. Good luck with yours

    Love Suex

  • Hi Viv,

    Was wondering where you were...great to hear about your latest escapade. I am off to London in the next few days (seeing an oncologist) but we are going to take a detour to Brighton afterwards and spend a wet, windy, cold night there LOL. I love the sea, makes me realize what a tiny, insignficiant, little dot in this Universe I really am.

    Love Lizzie


  • The sea has been beautiful this week, and it always has a soothing healing feeling to it. As you say, it makes you realise how small we really are, and what a wonderful thing nature is. Shame you're not coming to Bognor, we could have met up.

    Good luck in London.

  • Hi Viv,

    Even at my worst, I sit in my dining room with my laptop and look out my patio windows at the bird bath and get such great joy from a robin, great tit or goldfinch enjoying a good paddle, flap or drink from it. Also motivates me into my garden once a day to change the water. Nature is very reassuring.

    Love Lizzie


  • Lizzie,

    I think you are a big, shining dot of hope and courage for all of us.


  • Kind of you to say, but like the rest of us, just trying to find a way through this which keeps us sane, as easy to live with as possible and making sure we don't waste time on things which don't add anything constructive.

    Love Lizzie


  • So glad you had a good time pity the weather wasn't perfect for you, but you did it. Doesn't it feel good to achieve the things on your wish list? Been to Bruges a couple of times in the past and just love it, especially at night when it's all lit up and the buildings are reflected in the canal. Hope the CA125 check comes back ok. Love your friend's pink hair.

    Love Chris x

  • Loved reading this! Apart from being a bit envious of you going on your trip, it has made me think that I need a wish list too, and make the most of my time off chemo. So glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with the Eurostar to Paris.

  • Dead jealous! But glad you are doing it!

    Love M

  • Do not miss the Quai d'Orsay but wear flat shoes! Skip the Pompidou unless there is a good exhibition on - too many pickpockets. Visit Les Halles (the French Covent Garden) FNAC great bookshop, last time there I bought some French Weightwatchers' cookbooks, used real cream etc! Some good places to eat there too. Skip the Moulin Rouge but the Lido was well worth the meal and 2 shows. Don't forget Versailles and Fontainbleau and the cafes of the Boulevard St Michel where Satre, de Beauvoir and the "names" of our youth met. Piaf, Juliet Greco and Jaques Brel ate drank and, sometimes, performed! I really am jealous! To go alone is daunting, I have no partner and fear to go alone but, given my current Euphoria, who knows?

  • Don't forget the Louvre (only bothered with Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo), a bateaux bus down the Seine, and who can resist a quick 'the bells, the bells' impression in the Note Dame bell tower!

    Up the bolshies ;-)

    Love Lizzie


  • I left out the obvious! Eiffel Tower looks best from a cafe at street level but then I get vertigo! LOL!

    Bolshies Rule OK!

  • I love Venus de Milo! She is at least size 16! As, incidentally, was Marylin Monroe! Makes me feel normal! LOL!

  • as long as there is no stairs to climb - I haven't got enough breath for climbing stairs or hills. stand at the bottom and look up! I think I've got enough ideas here to keep m there for a couple of weeks.... just got to persuade himself that we need to book it!!

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