Recurrence - The Ultimate Goal

Recurrence - The Ultimate Goal

I have touched base, previous, regarding early recurrence and all were so helpful! My question is when you begin a new regiment what is the ultimate goal???? Can you achieve NED with early recurrence? My doctor told me the goal is to always try to kill the cancer cells but if that is not possible controlling the cancer is next in line! As we all treat at different facilities from all over, I would like to know what others say regarding this subject!!!!! Thank you.....

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  • Amazing picture, beautiful all of you. Iv just finished treatment 4 weeks ago and have my ct scan tomorrow. I'm hoping for NED. Hopefully it won't come back but it will always be in the back of my mind, and if it does the fight begins again. Ladies on here have had recurrences and are NED again so I'm sure they will be along to comment. Xx

  • Hello. I am ned after one reccurence so yes, it is possible. Lovely photo, love, Claire x

  • Hi and yes I have managed to achieve NED twice - unfortunately have just completed 3rd line for another recurrence but am always hopeful! !!


  • Hi Nancybib,

    You and your family are beautiful,!

    I haven't had a reaccurance so far,but hope one of the other ladies can help you more than me,

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • Hi, I've just completed 6 lots of carbo / taxol for 1st recurrence and thankfully I'm NED. I got 20 months remission first time so hopefully will get the same or longer this time. Plus I am also paying to have avastin. Take care Val. X

  • Lovely photo 😀 I'm nearing the end of my first occurrence treatment and I'm holding out for NED, my oncologist is very encouraging but has said if not NED we will have it controlled...

    Wishing you all the very best xx

  • What a lovely photo of you and your family. To answer your question, if you get a recurrence you can go into remission, there are lots of options for treatment now coming on line. Mine is managed on a need to treat basis and I am doing okay. Try not to worry if you are starting a new regime, once the plan is in place and you start you begin to feel the battle is on and its all systems go. If you are just being curious well all the better and I hope your fears wont happen

  • Thanks Suzuki. I started Doxil last week (1x a month) and next month I'll have the Doxil along with Avastin. This is all so scary because some days you feel good and other days you are on the crazy train.... LOL LOL. When I recurred early, I was devastated thinking the worst but networking with so many great ladies helps one to understand this disease!!!

  • I have had Avastin but not Doxil, so have hankies at the ready as your sinuses will get irritated, or use Neil med rinses as well. If your nose gets sore, your gp or team can prescribe cream to use. Otherwise you may tire from time to time.

  • What a beautiful family.. I just wanted to wish you well and hope everything works out

  • I got to ned after first recurrence, for 20 months, but I was stage 3/4 at diagnosis in 2010.

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