2nd surgery 12 hours from now!

My teratoma regrew after the first surgery, but only to 10cm. Then it shrank and was drained after chemo caused it to be necrotic. It choked off my right ureter so now my kidney is atrophied and has a stent in the ureter. The tumor grew back grew back where my ueterus used to be and diminished my bladder capacity by som 53%. That whole mess except the bladder will be removed and the bladder repaired.

I tried to do the bowel prep, but vomited 2 liters of the golytyl. My surgeon said to swtch to magnisium citrate, and that got my blocked bowels moving again. Not clear yet and it is almost 8pm! I hope this works fast, because I am due in the surgery at 5:30am. Could you all pray for me?

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  • Annie,

    I hope you are in surgery as I write, and that things are going well.

    Very best wishes for your recovery, and good health thereafter.


  • Annie prayers are coming your way for successful surgery.

    Love Anna xx

  • Dear Annie

    I'm sending my prayers too and good wishes for successful surgery today.

    Loads of love xxx Annie

  • Dear Annie!

    I can't pray for you as I do not believe but my thoughts are with you and I am projecting positive. It is stories like yours that remind me how lucky I am and should stop complaining. I hope the op is going well as I write and that you can feel my positive projections - my equivalent of prayers!

  • Annie, My prayers are with you,wishing you a speedy recovery, lots of love Sue xx

  • Oh Annie,

    You must have been so worried when you wrote this. I do hope there were people around you to love you and encourage you. It is a horrible time I am sure, but so positive that something constructive is happening. I feel sure they got you into surgery and things are going well, after all you are Annie _Fighter_.

    As soon as you are able, please update us how it went.

    In the meantime all my very best wishes for a smooth and fast recovery, and to good times ahead.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi Annie,

    Ditto all the above, just getting ready for surgery so frighteneing, so I too hope you are in surgery now, and that they remove everything. You are a star, and should be so proud of yourself.......it needs so much determination to get as far as the bowel prep...especially as you probably had no sleep last night.

    I send you all my good,positive thoughts, for a successful operation and recovery.

    Love Florencex

  • Hi Annie,

    Thoughts and prayer's are with you.

    Be strong we are all with you.

    Luv Trish x x

  • Hi Annie, I know you are now in surgery so all I can do is pray and send you positive thoughts.

    Love Lucy1dog xxx

  • Sending love & positivity xxx

  • Positive thoughts and prayers are coming your way for a successful surgery xxx

  • Sending positive thoughts to you. Hope by now you have had a successful surgery. x

  • Hi Annie,

    You poor little darling, I shed a tear or two for you, bless you dear.

    I have asked for the white bright light of the holy spirit to surround you with healing love and protect you in surgery. Spiritual healing is with you honey - we understand, so have courage and be strong and praying you will be well soon.

    Love with gentle hugs from Tina xxxxxxxx

  • Prayers and love to you. God bless you.

  • My prayers are with you. God bless

  • My prayers are with you for your surgery and your recovery too. You are not alone.

    Love Sue x

  • Thinking of you Annie and hope all goes well

    Jules x

  • annie be so so positive and if you dont believe in god as we are taught ask the cosmos for help but your surgery will work they are wonderfully clever today.I believe in the cosmos, and it helped me so much. Sounds crazy but try it.Thinking of you and all going through this trying timexxx

  • Hope all as gone well Annie, Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Love Sue xx

  • Sending heartfelt best wishes that all will be well , keep your chins up and stay strong .

    Suzieque xxx

  • Sending you love, good vibes, prayers and hopes

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thinking of you and hoping you are recovering well, love and prayers, Clare xx

  • I had a second op a week ago. Now I'm sitting up looking at the beautiful city of Le Mans, a little sore but still here. It ain't over 'til it's over. Good vibes wending their way to you from across the channel. Hope all went well for you.

  • Hi Annie

    23 ladies have got there before me but I too will pray hard for you and for those people who are looking after you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Love Sarah

  • Hi Annie

    Bit late seeing your blog, but I hope everything went well. Love, hugs and good wishes coming your way.

    Chrisr x

  • Hi Annie,

    Hope you are home and recovering well.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hope all goes well. My thoughts are with you. Luv Jean xx

  • Thinking of you. Hope operation was a success x

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