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Slowly recovering after surgery

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Hello to everyone and a Happy New Year to you all.

The surgery and my recovery has had its ups and downs. They removed all the cancer and have confirmed that it is 100% low grade cancer (not high grade as previously diagnosed) and so the prognosis is that chemo is not likely to work on me, but it should be 8 years or so before I need any more surgery. The low points were that the surgery was a bit more complicated than my surgeon anticipated and so I was in surgery for 10 hours rather than 6 hours which meant he did not go ahead with the stoma reversal. I also had more of my bladder removed than expected as the disease was deeper than just being on the surface of the bladder. Other low points were when my bowel went on strike in protest after the surgery and I ended up having an GN tube for a few days, as I was constantly being sick, which was not pleasant either.

So my stay in hospital was a little longer than we planned - I was there for 15 days - but I have been home for a month now and so the bad memories are already a dim and distant memory (no need to dwell on them) and overall I am pleased with the result. Now I am feeling better its so much easier to be positive, but when I was feeling poorly, I found it very difficult to cope mentally (lots of tears in the early days, but all good now)

I had my 6 week check up with my surgeon on Tuesday and he is very pleased with my progress. I feel my recovery is very slow - certainly much slower than with my other surgeries, but he says this is to be expected as I had so much more done this time. I am still a bit anaemic (am taking iron tablets) and so can get a bit dizzy if I get up too quickly, but other than that I am fine and just taking things really easy.

Wishing the very best for everyone for 2014. Vx

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Dear Vicky,

It is so nice to have you back with us, I know you have been through a lot and hope your recovery will be soon, but be kind to yourself and take it will be summer before you know it 8-)

Sending you my very best wishes love x G x

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VickyEm in reply to

Thanks Gwyn. Sorry it took so long, but I couldn't lift the lap top lol :D

Dear Vicky

I'm so pleased to hear the surgery was a success but as you say a mixed bag for you. No wonder you feel shaky after such a massive op. Take care of yourself and here's to many many more years without having to worry about any more surgery.

Sending loads of love and healing hugs. xxx Annie

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VickyEm in reply to Whippit

Thanks Annie - still feels a bit surreal, but I will have to get used to my new situation. Hope all is well with your treatment. I am afraid I am a bit out of touch.

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Whippit in reply to VickyEm

Out of touch but never out of our thoughts!!!! love Annie

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VickyEm in reply to Whippit

Aw I'm blushing.

Glad the surgery was a success Vicky, though it does sound gruelling. Take it slowly and go with the flow.

Love Mary xx

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VickyEm in reply to citrine

Definitely taking it very slowly. I feel a bit like a sloth. lol

Sounds like you have really been through it Vicky but now you are out of the other side just be kind to yourself and take it easy so you can recover fully. Eight years sounds a great prognosis lets hope the little b*****s grow SO slowly they go to sleep forever!"!!

Love MB x

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VickyEm in reply to mummybear59

What a brilliant sentiment, here's to the LBs finally giving up and going sleepy bye byes.

Welcome back!

You do sound to have gone through the mill, but in very good hands....

Hopefully you'll feel a bit stronger every day and the small signs of Spring will lift your spirits. I'm sure it's good to start a new year with such a big op behind you, and here's wishing you the best possible one.

Love Chris

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Thank you Chris. The only way is up now, right?

Hello Vicky - what an op!!! But well worth it. And you give yourself the best advice of all - take things easy and don't dwell on the past - look forward to a brighter future. We can't undo what has been done and I am pleased you are now positive and able to cope mentally. We all have a cry from time to time, and it does us good, but we mustn't do it too often.

Take care and have a great 2014 xxxxx

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VickyEm in reply to Izzystep

Thanks Izzy. My surgeon prescribed a holiday in the sun, so I must do what I am told and shall have to start making plans. Vx

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janette47 in reply to VickyEm

Hi Vicky, Im new on here so don't know your full story sorry but it does sound as tho you have had it rough but hope things get loads better for you,a holiday sounds great - I had my op last September and me and my partner managed a week in Lanzarote in December, was a bit fearful at first but it did us world of good (bought a lovely new swimming costume but my lovely 8" scar even got an outing when i put my bikini on - that was a turning point in accepting it too :-) ) you go and have a fantastic time xxxxx

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VickyEm in reply to janette47

Hi Janette, glad to hear you are well on the mend following your surgery. Its a bit of a watershed moment, putting the bikini on for the first time but once you've done it, it gets easier each time.

Did you know that if you click on my name, you can read my profile which tells my history. Its interesting as I have not updated it for sometime and so it is well out of date and so my situation has changed significantly following this surgery.

Thanks again for your good wishes. Vx

I have never wore a bikini except when I was little and then I didn't have much choice. Sorry to read that the operation was more complicated than anticipated but glad you are starting to feel better

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VickyEm in reply to ScardyCat40

Thanks Lorraine. I think I am getting better by the day and am going to start doing a bit of work from home and maybe going in a couple of day (though not looking forward to the daily commute.)

Although the op was more complicated, it did achieve its main goal - to remove all the cancer, so I really shouldn't complain. I will keep reminding myself of this everytime I fancy feeling sorry for myself.

Hows the chemo going?

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ScardyCat40 in reply to VickyEm

How long did it take to build to a level where it was operable? I am on cycle 4 and I am having a few issues with the Avastin so I think there will be a break before the next cycle whilst they run some tests

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