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Saw my onc. Thursday and weekly taxol not working tummy swelling and ca125 rising. Going into hospital next week for tummy drain and scan. My onc has suggested caelyx this will be my fourth try, has anyone had experience of caelyx and how successful was it? Thank you for all your advice in the past niKki x

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Hi Nikki,

There are quite a lot of people on here that has had caelyx, I am sure they will soon be able to tell you their experience, I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time, thinking of you and sending you my best wishes love x G x

I am sorrry to hear things are not going so well for you . Best wishes for a good result with the calex

Dear Nikki,

I'm really sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Ascites is rotten. I've heard of some very good outcomes with Caelyx. Hopefully they'll be some encouraging personal accounts posted up for you. I'll be thinking of you next week.

with love xxx Annie


Sandra had Caelyx combined with Carbi in 2011, her 3rd line, found it more tolerable than others, no hair loss and no skin sores. Managed all 6 cycles, her CA came right down. Was put onto 3 monthly check post treatment but then suffered another recurrence. After coming off her 5th line treatment it looks like she may be offered a repeat of the Caelyx but as a single agent if she shows problems in the future. I know some friends however struggled with the Caelyx with sores so its important to moisterise the hand and feet and under the boobs with vaseline essential or similar. Love Paul and Sandra xx

Dear Nikki

I found caelyx easy to tolerate and I had a whole year off from treatment as a result. That, for me, was a result.

All the best for the drain - its not nice - but you'll feel better for it! I still remember how good that bacon sarnie tasted the morning after.

Love Sarah


Caelyx is also called Doxil (in the US) and I have read lots of positives about this drug on the ocna inspire forum - the drug it wasn't available for a good while there due to drug company problems but is back in circulation again - much to everyone's relief - i have read that it's a good idea to heavily moisturise the feet & hands in case of palmer-plantar syndrome? all the very best xxxxx

Hi, Nikki.

I'm on the seventh round of Caelyx and Avastin. After three rounds of this chemo, pet scan has showed shrinkage of tumours.

In the first part of chemo I receive Avastin and Caelyx and after 15 days only Avastin. And so on each month.

It's a very good result because with the first line chemo - 3 week carboplatin and weekly taxol - the cancer has only stabilized.

Until the 5th round, few side effects. But on the 6th round, a whole month feeling ill... You can read about it in my post, "more chemo and more side effects".

Some women don´t have side effects, luckly you will be between them.




Hi Nikki

Hope you are not feeling too bad this morning, that wait for a drain is frustrating I know. It will make you feel so much better, keep looking forward.


Sue xxx


Hi Nikki,

I started Caelyx last month, I had a rough time but that I'm sure was due to ascites which I had drained 2wks ago. I have 2nd cycle tomorrow.

I saw onc yesterday and she said Caelxy has good results, I didn't respond as well as hoped to Carbo/taxol so hoping for better things this time round.

The hospital gave me Epiderm to moisturise with, trouble is my pup Westie licks it off as quickly as I'm putting it on.

Good luck with your paracentisis, not pleasant but such a relief when it's done

love Chris xx

Hello, this is my first visit to the site and find it really interesting that we can contact one another with help and support. After my first treatment - six doses of Carboplatin and Paclitaxil with a big op thrown in, the cancer decided that it was going to continue to attack. Now on Caelyx - fifth dose out of six and not doing too badly. Sore feet - blisters and a rash on my legs - looks like prickly heat. It seems to be working so fingers crossed. It's good to have hair back! Good luck!

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