Second lot of caelyx

I had my second chemo of caelyx on Tuesday and I have still been up every night being

sick despite taking anti sickness. Is this going to be an ongoing thing, the sicknessess and diahorea. I am eating little bits of food. this is my second lot of chemo and I had very few side effects from the first lot. Has anyone else had this on caelyx ?

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  • Ah bless you, I'm on seconds line Caeylx and yes I feel sicker than I did on first line, but not to the extent that you are feeling it. I would suggest talking to your consultant/CNS to try some different anti sickness tablets.

    Do you have an emergency number for acute oncology that you can ring out of hours for advice? I had to use ours the other day for chronic toothache and they prescribed me oramorph.

    You need to watch that you are not getting dehyrdated. Not a lot of help really am I, but I do always bare in mind that my oncologist said they you shouldn't have to suffer, when there are lots of meds out there to help you ( and I'm talking anti sickness here) it's just a case of finding the right ones for this time.


  • Thanks for your reply, I have already got different anti sickness this time but I guess there are a lot of them out there. I drink loads of water at least 2 litres, I put bottles in the freezer and find it easier to drink really icy cold. I am hoping it will settle down but will ring tomorrow. My worry is its the cancer and not the chemo causing the sickness.


  • I would suggest that it's chemo, because if you think back to before Tuesday I bet you weren't being awake at night being sick etc? so the only thing that has changed is the powerful medicines you have had in your body since then. Try not to think worse case scenario, which I know is hard, and put it down to chemo and know that it will pass. Know that it's taking you one step closer to the end of the cycles.


  • Thank you Dawn

  • Theee weeks ago I felt really grotty after chemo and my mind went into overdrive thinking it was the cancer as I felt so horrible. Once the side affects wore off I felt fine. We automatically assume the worst when we're not feeling well. I really hope you start to feel better soon. I had my third chemo on Friday so am expecting to hit a brick wall myself tomorrow, it's horrible, Kerry x

  • Be thinking of you tomorrow x

  • Thanks Bobalu and hopefully you will have turned a corner x

  • Ring the phone no. My mums a pharmacist and says there will be other probably more expensive drugs they can prescribe. X

  • Thank you . I am going to ring n the morning although Sod's law I haven't been sick today x

  • that's good news. I was very sick with the cancer and it always amazed me when they gave me anti sickness tablets AFTER I started being sick. For obvious reasons that never worked! X

  • Yes they say you have to take them before so even though I haven't been sick today I have taken some tonight to hopefully get through the night.

    Are you still on chemo ?

  • Hi Bobalu,sending you a big supportive hug ((( hug))). X x

  • Oh thank you, you know I got up this morning and feel just wonderful . I am going shopping. I think the support from each other is what boosts us up


  • "You Go Girl"! Enjoy,treat yourself to something nice,Relax and have a wonderful day.

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