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World Ovarian Cancer Day, May 8th 2013

May 8th marks the first World Ovarian Cancer Day, where organisations from around the world will unite to educate their communities about ovarian cancer and its symptoms.

Ovacome along with other patient organisations from around the world came together at the initial meetings to discuss the common issues surrounding ovarian cancer and we are pleased to be a part of the first global ovarian cancer awareness event which we hope will build a sense of solidarity in the fight against ovarian cancer.

How can you get involved?

Help us to spread the word and participate in creating awareness for ovarian cancer on a global scale through speaking to your local community, using social media sites to inform others and distribute leaflets to promote symptom awareness.


Use #WOCD #WorldOvarianCancerDay on Twitter to join the conversation.

As one of the founding members of World Ovarian Cancer Day, we would be happy to provide leaflets, posters and ribbons to help support and raise awareness for this day. Please get in touch if you would like to order any materials and you can also download a World Ovarian Cancer Day poster template to help promote your awareness activity form our website.

You can find further information on the official Website for World Ovarian Cancer Day

Ovacome contact info:


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I'm taking the train from Paddington to Cardiff that day. Could you please send me some more teal ribbons. I'll have a captive audience. How wonderful if I could get the whole train wearing teal and talking about Ovarian Cancer.

Anyone fancy joining me? I'll feel a bit daft on my own - like some mad woman at Speaker's Corner! I'll tackle the train manager first and ask if he'd like to give some out too.



Brilliant plan! I would love to be traveling to Cardiff with you, but sadly will be busy in London :-( Happy to provide a reference in case you get strong armed off the train ;-)


They won't dare refuse you Annie!!!! Lol. Go for it.





where do you get the teal ribbons from?? I cant seem to find anywhere to buy anything like wrist bands , car stickers etc. Am I looking in the wrong places. Really want to get something for May 8th.




Sonia thank you so much for this as I did not know about it - I have a group of friends helping me over the coming months and I am forwarding it to all of them.

Such a vitally important milestone - thank you to the founders.


Hello Lorraine,

Just give the office a call and I will take down your details and pop some in the post to you in time for May 8th- we also have a mixture of information and awareness leaflets, posters and balloons!

The more fuss and noise we can make about World Ovarian Cancer Day the better; we would also love to see pictures of what you get up to on the day so please feel free to send them in or post them onto Facebook and Twitter.

Best wishes,


0207 299 6654


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