8th May - World Ovarian Cancer Day

Just wanted to offer all my fellow warriors a whopping big ((hug)) today especially. My thoughts are with all those we've loved and lost to this horrid disease, all those still battling on their journeys and all those enjoying a welcome reprieve (hopefully for good!) Awareness is growing and that can only be positive!

Love & strength to you all.

Jemima xx

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  • Right back at ya Mrs A!

    I was at a couple of events today in Dublin for WOCD and there is a lot of really interesting research going on here in Ireland which is great!!

    Hope you are well and enjoying the lovely weather at the min!


  • Great to hear the activities going on in Ireland hun πŸ‘πŸ» I'm currently on a short break in Spain and being blessed with wonderful weather β˜€οΈπŸ˜Š Xx

  • Gosh, I didn't even know.

  • Big hugs back Mrs A and to all you lovely people here,

    I've shared the following notification on Facebook and if just one person recognises their symptoms here then it's done it's job. - Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day. "We love and cherish the women in our lives: our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our friends... Join us in this global movement to ensure all the women we love know about ovarian cancer."*

    That feeling - of wanting to help but not knowing where to begin - is what lead one of our members, to write this for our awareness campaign in March...

    "Learn about the symptoms, talk about them with one person and then ask them to do the same. It is in our own power to stand by each other and empower people with knowledge. Target Ovarian Cancer, Ovacome and Ovarian Cancer Action all provide free information. Be the campaign."

    * You could learn about the symptoms together using Ovacome's BEAT campaign:


    * You can learn about the different ways to track symptoms on Target Ovarian Cancer's site:


    * Or you could both watch this short 'Know the signs and symptoms' video together (made by Ovarian Cancer Action):

    or visit their site on:


    We hope this helps you and someone you love learn a little more about ovarian cancer.

    Thank you very much for your time!

    #WOCD #WorldOvarianCancerDay #OvarianCancerDay #SupportOCUK #Because #AAA #StandUpToCancer #StartMakingNoise #Because #Ovarian #Cancer #Awareness

    #TargetOvarianCancer #Ovacome #OvarianCancerAction

    * Quote is taken from ovariancancerday.org

    Love to all you lovely ladies and your supporters ❀️Xx Jane

  • This is great - thanks for posting Jane xx

  • Hi Jemima, thank you for informing us. I wasn't aware of this special day. There isn't anything going on where I live unless there is & I am just unaware of it.

    I have a book called (Everyday happiness) my life coach bought it for me. It has a saying for every day of the year. Today's saying for the 8th of May is; Buy yourself flowers and pick up a second bunch for someone else, too;

    I can't actually give flowers to the lovely ladies on here but I can wish them the very best as they go through their own journey.

    Take care Cindyxx

  • Love this Cindy!


    Here's a virtual bunch for everyone 😊 Xx

  • Hi Jemima, thank you they are lovely. Enjoy your holiday in Spain & let's hope you have lots of sunny days. Take care love Cindyxx

  • I posted on Instagram and also Facebook. Then I 'got brave' and filmed myself (and my new accent!) and posted it to Facebook!

    Definitely thinking about everyone

    Clare xx

  • Well done Clare! How are you feeling?

  • Into A&E yesterday unfortunately! Had 3 days of constipation, bloating, stretching and pain which culminated in chronic diarrhea and sickness yesterday morning (at the same time). Think it Was a partial bowel obstruction.

    Was due chemo yesterday afternoon but rang my unit to see if I could see my oncologist. They ran through my symptoms etc and I was Immediately told I needed fluids etc so 8 hours in A&E with blood cultures taken ( temp was below 36 Β°), antibiotics given plus 2 litres of fluids all by IV.

    Chemo now on Thursday!

    What we go through eh?

  • Gosh, hoping you're feeling lots better now after you're A&E treatment. You certainly are going through some hard times. Good luck with chemo on Thursday.

  • Oh no! I take the bloods didn't identify anything?

  • Told my bloods were ' just ok'

    Blood culture apparently takes a couple of days.

  • Fingers crossed Clare...you're really in the wars at the moment xx

  • I'm modelling in the 'Touch of Teal' Gala Ball this September to raise money for various ovarian cancer charities (all of them, I think!) - I posted my fund raising page on Facebook yesterday and have had loads of positivity but only Β£95 raised so far. I'm sitting here thinking, "Come on people! Likes don't raise money - put your hands in your pockets and donate!!" πŸ˜„

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