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World Ovarian Cancer Day: May 8th 2013

Join us for a tour of London on Tuesday to help spread awareness of the first World Ovarian Cancer Day. We will be taking pictures and handing out ribbons at various popular and iconic sites around London.

We will be meeting at 10.30am on Tuesday at the Ovacome offices and we plan to head to London Bridge, Westminster, Green Park and finish at the Transport Museum, Covent Garden.

If you are free for a couple of hours then join us when you can and we will also provide Ovacome t-shirts for volunteers to wear and materials to hand out. Just get in touch if can join us or if you would like any further details.

If you are unable to join us in London and still want to help support World Ovarian Cancer Day then you can still hand out leaflets, put up posters and send in pictures of activities taking place where you are. Posters are available to download from our website: ovacome.org.uk/world-ovaria...

Going Viral

As this is global campaign we want to share our participation with the other global organisations involved so please help us to spread the word by using social media sites to inform others of how you are supporting the first World Ovarian Cancer Day. You can send us you pictures or post them to our Facebook and Twitter pages so we can share them with our wider community.

Facebook facebook.com/WorldOvarianCa...

Use #WOCD #WorldOvarianCancerDay on Twitter to join the conversation.

If you are planning to join us then please let us know :)

0207 299 6654


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I've sent an email saying I will be there. I am very close to the Ovacome office so no excuse.



It should be a great morning and the images really powerful. Celebs on board too, so please do join us if you can.


Really wish I has known about this earlier. Could have and would have kept diary clear - now, no chance. Is there no way of getting this kind of rallying cry out much earlier please?



Agree with Sue. I would have loved to have helped but notice FAR too short. Good luck with it anyway.

BTW Tues is not 8th:(


It's frustrating as I'll be in Euston at 12:30 but have to be in Paddington at 13:45. It's a shame you're not doing a tour of main line stations in London! I would have booked a later train home had I known. I wish you luck with the parade. Hope you get loads of people turning up.


Too short notice for me ........ pity! I would love to be there.....more notice of events, wherever possible, please!

Thanks, Wendy xx


Aren't we a demanding lot !


I'll tell everyone at the Bexhill Foodbank as I am on duty there on Tuesday and can't switch it now to be in London.

I'm afraid I would have needed more notice too!



Hi All,

Yes its a great pity that its such short notice, however the idea was only proffered on the conference call this week. A shame it wasn't thought of earlier, but that the way of ideas sometimes! We will be having women from around the world doing the same, so it would be a great way of sharing with our OC sisters. The more the merrier so please do come if you can. If you cant make it to the office for 10.30, please do let us know and we will give you a mobile number.

L x


Why Tuesday, not Wednesday? Too short a notice anyway, but a brilliant idea for us all if we had more notice.



Thanks to everyone who managed to make it for a sunny and fun day in London. We managed to accost (in no particular order, a policewoman, bagpipe player, and MP, a squad of traffic cops), as well as have an impromptu tour of the Houses of Parliament. Tiring but fun.

We had lots of facebook activity and twitter activity as a consequence. Please do have a look:



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