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Bloating that comes and goes

I seem to get bloated after I have eaten in the evening and then its there for the rest of the night. I try to drink a lot of water, juice greens everyday and add superfoods to my diet (spirulina/chlorella etc). Ive read about ascites and Im wondering if I have this, is it a bad sign? I feel very well in myself after 2nd chemo, got 3rd lot next fri.

Many thanks Kate x

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Dear Kate

I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome. It sounds like the bloating is not there all the time but just in the evening and presumably it has settle down by the morning. If it was due to the ascites it is more likely to be there all the time. Have a word about your conerns when you are next at the hospital or give us a ring to discuss it further - 08453710554. The bloating maybe due to the new foods you have introduced into your diet but do ask your medical team about it

Best Wishes



Hi Ruth,

I can tell that I am bloating as I have lost the shape of my spine (I seem to have a straight back) and also tummy and area under breasts is bloated. I saw an oncologist as recently as last Thursday and they said there was not much ascites there, but by the evening I feel like a stuffed sausage and can hardly walk. As Kate says, the more I eat the worse it is. I am usually size 8 knicks and now am wearing size 14 from the last time I bloated.

The registrar said draining was not desirable as they could accidentally puncture my bowel or such like. It makes me so miserable though, up to date it is the worst part of oc.

Love Lizzie



Thankyou Ruth, yes it does come and go and seems to be more affected if I do eat more food, the less I eat the less bloated I am. I will mention it to the oncologist next thursday when I see her, many thanks.



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