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What is the bloating like with OVCA?

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Late 20s here, have had bloating for the past 5 years but always dismissed it for weight gain, wheat intolerance, etc.

Now I have lost a lot of weight from my new diet but I am more bloated than ever.

I wake up like this and by the end of the day I look like I am in 6 mo.

My question is: does the bloating in OVCA disappear when lying down in bed?

I can't find appropriate photos online.

I also have new symptoms like ovarian pain and bladder frequency issues.

Am seeing GP tomorrow, but can't sleep at night due to the worry.

MY only other health issue in the past has been PCOS which comes and goes.

thank you

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Well my tummy originally was swollen whether I was standing sitting or lying down, You are fairly young to have OC. Hopefully your gp can reassure you and send you for any tests he or she feels are needed. Some of these will be just for investigation and to calm your fears. Well if you have PCOS its most likely something to do with this. Your gp will best advise you. Try and go bed early with a warm bath to help you sleep. I wish you the best tomorrow

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Hi Mary Jane That is exactly now I have been, weight went from 11.5 stone to 14.3 in very short time and predominantly abdominal.medics never accept it wasn't diet related ,in one area or due to lack of exercise as they persisted in matter how many times I told them,

I suddenly lost 17lbs earlier this year which just fell off my hips and legs yet abdomen heavier and increasing in girth and is rock hard.

A word of warning,doctors will only examine your abdomen when you are lying down.they don't get a true picture.can't see how distended your abdomen is.I never say bloating because bloating to me is a feeling you get when over eaten.not something that is persistent,show them your abdomen when standing so they can see how distended it pelvic pain began in 2012 and never given a reason.

I am sure if you Google it you will find some pics.I did.or take your own.

Hope I haven't made you more concerned.don't let your Dr fob you off.I wish you the best of will get the support from people on here and hope your family and friends are there for you,mine have never supported me.

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My bloating didn't disappear. My tummy felt heavy & very hard to touch. I was barely eating anything before my operation but my stomach continued to inflate. Initially my GP suggested this could be gastro issues even though I insisted I thought it was ovarian related. Try and be firm with your GP & get your diagnosis moving with blood tests & scans. One thing I learnt is that we know our bodies the best & are instinctively aware when something isn't quite right.


Hi jarpy,I still feel mine is cancer related.your first sentence is me to a tee.yes I had abdominal conditions diagnosed last year but it states that OC can cause hiatus hernia and diverticulitis.Took 3 years and different gp to get diagnosis.From experience doesn't matter whether or not we know our bodies,Dr s get one thing fixed in their heads and refuse to budge from that.

It's said that Dr s assume IBS when they can't come up with anything else and if ca125 is allegedly normal.

It's not about bloods and Urine tests but symptoms too.


Yes, it took the results of a CT scan which clearly showed my ovarian tumour before I was put on the correct course of treatment / surgery & then things really moved quickly. My CA125 test which was ordered after the result of the CT scan was relatively normal so that alone is definitely not enough in terms of testing. I really hope that your GP listens, orders a CT & you can make some headway soon. One other thing to consider possibly are fibroids. Completely unbeknown to me (I've never had children) I had a lot of fibroids (one was very large) which may have caused some of my symptoms. Good luck, I know how hard all of this is.


thank you so much, ladies ! Appreciate all your replies!


My abdomen today is growing and pelvic pain is much worse,feels so heavy.persistent pain.can't describe it but excruciating and haven't done anything housework wise.


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