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Hospital stay

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Morning Ladies

Its another such a beautiful day and I am in hospital... Since Wednesday! πŸ˜”

Monday afternoon I've started to feel unwell. Got high fever, horrible headache and pain in bones and muscles, like flu. Went to bed. Temp was really high, over 39 degrees and I had a problem to take it down. Tuesday was even worse. On Wed morning I rang to my nurse and left a message for her. She rang me back after 12 and said that I need to come to ER which as you can imagine I really didn't want to.

As I had flu symptoms they put me into separate room and started to run few tests. They did sepsis tests, chest x-ray, swab etc. With temp 39.6 I got room on the ward about 3 hours later. Doctor put me on the drip for 24/7 and locked me in the room.

On Friday evening viral test came negative so that wasn't t a flu. It's some bacterial infection so they continue to give me an antibiotics. They opened my room as well as I am not dangerous anymore πŸ˜‰.

Im feeling much better now and I am ready go home. Everything hurts from hospital bed, arms hurts from taking a blood regularly, belly hurts from antycloth injections. Food is bleee. I want to go home.

Olaparib on hold as white cells and platelets are low.

Have a lovely day all, enjoy sun and Beaty autumn colors.

Hugs, Zaneta xx

20 Replies
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Good morning Zaneta sorry to hear you have been so poorly, I do hope they will let you home soon, there is nothing better than your own bed..... You are always in my prayers, keep strong and you will soon be back on the Olaparib......

Loren x

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Naimish in reply to Lorent

Hi Zaneta, my wife had recurrent fever which was later diagnosed as an infected chemo port, which had to be removed.



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Hairlessbeauty in reply to Naimish

Hi Naimish,

Hope your wife is feeling OK now and she will get the new port.

I don't have any, so that had to be smth different.

Best wishes to your wife


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Naimish in reply to Hairlessbeauty

Thank you Zaneta for the best wishes but it's been a while since the incident and we have decided that there will be no more ports



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Hairlessbeauty in reply to Lorent

Thank you Loren,

Hope you are doing well.

Hugs, z

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Lorent in reply to Hairlessbeauty

Yes doing good thank God, coming up to my 12 month Ned, but a little worried as my last ca125 was 12.5 up from 7, next ca-125 is november but scan not due until Feb, so fingers crossed 😬 x

L x

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Hi Zaneta, I am sorry you are feeling so unwell but you are in the right place hopefully you are home soon , Hospital is not a nice place to me as I know to well just after spending six weeks in hospital. Take care and get well soon Kittie

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Hairlessbeauty in reply to kittie

Hi Kittie,

I am just moaning. I am lucky to have my own room so can't complaint at all. Of course still fed up of niddles and an antibiotics.

Today's blood is much better so hopefully not much longer...

How are you keeping? What's the plan for you?


Zaneta xx

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kittie in reply to Hairlessbeauty

Hi Zaneta, a month ago I was told nothing more could be done for me and I would be under Palliative Care, I didn't give up and the plan now for me is I have been passed fit for surgery and I will see my surgeon on Tuesday morning to discuss it. I will have keyhole surgery where the weak piece of my small bowel will be removed and depending how it goes my Oncologist hopes to get me back on chemo,it's is hoped it will give me more quality time. I am very positive and stubborn and I will keep on fighting. Phil

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HogwartsDK in reply to kittie

Good for you Phil!

Delighted to hear that they are going to do surgery and I hope you feel better soon!


in reply to kittie

Hi Phil

You're a true fighter - best wishes with surgery and keep us updated on how you get on tomorrow with surgeon.

Juliet x

Hi Zanetta so sorry to hear you were unwell but hopefully now you are much recovered and can go home. A friend of mine who started similar meds for Leukaemia, used develop reaction to her tablets and would end up in Tallaght every few weeks with a high fever. Now they give her antibodies and this has stopped the infections and hight temps and she was able to continue on her meds. Here in Cork it is a dull dark damp day and we are waiting for Ophelia to arrive

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Hey Zaneta!

Sorry to hear you are in hospital and I hope you are feeling a bit better now!

Take care and hopefully see you soon!


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Hi Zanetta, snap. I’ve had almost the exact same experience as you since last Wednesday although I don’t think I felt quite as grotty as you. I’m waiting today to hopefully be discharged on oral antibiotics.

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Good morning Zaneta, I'm sorry to hear that, but I do hope you can go home soon now. Take care.


Hi Zaneta

Sorry to hear you're unwell - hopefully you'll be discharged soon and back home to your family - there's nowhere quite the same as being in your own bed in your own surroundings!

Best wishes


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Hi Zaneta

I know I'm over a day late at wishing you well as have had no broadband and now have no electricity after hurricane Ophelia still sweeps by us. I hope you are now home and safe and feeling better. Take care


That sounded like a bit of a scary time for you. Glad to hear the hospital took all the precautions and treated you quickly.

Hope you are beginning to feel a little better and stronger. X

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Thank you girls for good wishes. Still in hospital. Blood is improving but still need to stay here for a while. I am upset because I feel ok now and I wish to go home where are my 2 boys waiting g for me and having fun due to school and office closure.

The good thing is that tomorrow I will have my Ca125 done and hopefully ct scan as well. The last ct scan I had I June so it's good to check how am I going on.

Have a nice evening all, and stay safe

Zaneta xx

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Hi Zaneta, I really hope you get home soon x

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