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This year I'm off to Sunny Spain.,Or am I!

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Decided on next aim which is holiday in Sept on the Costa.Plenty of vit.,D,no stress(I hope),sangria and relaxation.Booked a beautiful hotel,booked flexi flights so all I had to do was get travel insurance.Not a bother I thought! Until I actually went about getting it.I checked the Irish Cancer Society web page.Got the list of possible insurers for cancer patients.Of the 5 I checked on line,only one would insure,for €1089.00 for one week!When I rang another insurance they told me I needed to send in blood results,scan report and consultants letter for fit to go on holiday.

O.k my problem with all this is,

A If I was symptomatic or unwell ,then I wouldn't even think of going on holiday.

B companies that advertise that they insure pre existing conditions,should state at the start that they don't insure terminally ill cancer patients.

C ,one of the questions that kept popping up on a few insurance sites was,If Terminally diagnosed,How long from date of arrival home is the out On my way! Of your prognosis.In other words How long have I got to live from arriving home.Hmm! Drop down gave me the choice of from 1 month to 12 months.No one could possibly know how long I've got to live,I could get knocked down crossing the road tomorrow!

So what to do?! I've got my European Health Card,I'll be on the mainland and there are flights back home or near enough to home on a hourly basis.The "Only" reason I was getting insurance was to give hubby some peace of mind,with regard to air ambulance costs being met.Any advice or knowledge of above quandary would be greatly appreciated.And yes I should have probably checked insurance before I booked holiday.

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HI Annie, I just make sure my European Health Card is up to date. I have VHI and they do a multitrip per year for 49euro this covers pre existing conditions. If you have something similar check. I know some of the ladies on here have done some research on British Insurance Companies who seem to be more tolerant. As you say, we could be knocked down by a bus or something could get us. I would never mention the word terminal to an insurance company. Try the company your house or car is insured with for a quote. I might find a link and message you, its one I shared on facebook with my husbands niece . She cant insure one of her children due to pre existing condition.

Not sure if they cover Ireland but Mia Online are good and LV will usually cover but exclude pre existing conditions which is ok if you would otherwise not get insurance as it would cover eg accidents etc

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Thanks Mary.I'll try them also today.x x

Hi Annie. I got travel insurance from VHI 3 years ago as they told me they were the only insurers who covered people with cancer as a pre existing illness. They know I am sure that PPC does not go away and I did spell out what I had. They write to remind me that my multi trip insurance is up every year. This year they even took my details and automatically insured me. I can't find the documents but it was around EUR100. As far as I recall you ring a separate number to the health insurance dept but maybe they can put you through anyway. Let me know how you get on if even to tell me I have been travelling on a wing and a prayer these past few years! Good luck xxx

Hi Annie. The lower rate that Suzuki quoted is not for old dears like me as once your age goes up so does the insurance xxx

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Thanks MollyO.Im not in the VHI but they do cover existing illness but if I'm reading it correctly I'd have to spend the 1st €65k ha ha .I think I'll attempt without insurance coz as Daisies says your body knows if there's a prob,so I'll get the 1st flight back.I might also phone the insurance company we're in through my hubby's work ,I've no worries about being treated abroad but they might agree to air ambulance if needed.

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Hi Annie. When I bought insurance I was never thinking of my big C. It was for the reasons I always bought it. In case I fell off a mountain or was knocked down by a car or lost my bags. If your husbands insurance covers you for all this then you don't have to worry. Not sure when you are going but have a wonderful holiday. Take care xxx

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suzuki in reply to IrishMollyO

HI Molly O, I am sorry to disappoint you but I am well over 21. Just had to retire from work on age grounds in May. I only took out insurance in 2005 so had to wait seven years to be covered so now VHI are paying out what I couldnt claim all along. Last year it was just 49 as I was insured through work and my husband doesnt have any cover only public. He drinks and smokes and hasnt an ache or pain, never goes to gp. I only ever drink on occasions and that is just one drink and I would have had just an odd cig up to my diagnosis none since. So isnt that unfair.??

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Hi Suzuki. Yes life is unfair. My mother lived to 93 and smoked until she died . Not many but she did and never in front of anyone but me. Thankfully I gave up a good few years ago so I didn't have the trauma of giving up when I was faced with the most stressful time of my life. Have a great weekend. I am in the big city for the weekend xxx

Annie - you have booked that holiday - GREAT - and I hope to do the same, to Spain also. I love it there.

I just have my annual insurance for the usual problems and don't take our additional special insurance - if I was sick I wouldn't travel anyway. Also, I really only travel to places that have daily flights back to Ireland/Cork, just in case. But in my case, the recurrence was never so fast that I got sick that quickly - there was usually a build-up over a few weeks.

So, talk to your husband - financially, if you can afford to book a last minute flight home, in case you did get sick, don't spend a small fortune on insurance. With the price you have shown ; that is another holiday or flight (1st class) home.

Hope to get another little break in before Sept - not sure where yet though.

Regards, Maureen

Annie. Took your advice and have just spent the past hour booking holidays. Spain in middle of September and a trip to London at end of August. If the hotel prices were not so high I would have booked a trip to Spain for end of this month. But your post also reminded me to apply for renewal of EHIC card & that is also done now.

Continued good health to you and your husband. Isn't it a pity we can't book 1st class for flights to Spain as I think we deserve that.

Roll on the Sangria and Cava and of course sun.


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annieH1 in reply to daisies

1st class would be great ha ha.we're going mid Sep also.Its great to look forward to something.Sun Sea and sangria ,three of my most favourite S words xx

Hi, I was going to Spain for 5 days in March this year. I too was quoted ridiculous amounts. In the end I decided to purchase a normal travel policy to cover loss of baggage, accidents etc and had my EHIC. I felt it would be cheaper to purchase a flight home if I needed to. Ann x

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annieH1 in reply to thesilent1

Yes I think your right Ann.And I got the flexi flights,I know more expensive but if you have to cancel there's a full refund plus you can change dates ,times and even names with the flexi.I also booked the hotel through and you have up to 5 days before you arrive to cancel with a full refund.We all deserve the best,to live,to enjoy and to even do the dreaded Karoke ha ha xxx

Now ladies, ye are setting me off, I do want to get away, I have been mulling about it, but better do something about it. My problem is that my dog walker has moved to Berlin so I have to look around for someone to come in and walk them during the day like he did. My daughter lives at home so is home in the evenings so have one oldie who would absolutely be very upset if she was kenneled. I feel we can manage if we bring the necessary meds. Some one I know who has MS asked me once did I worry in case I would get sick away, as she did. But once I am there I am okay. Last year it was handy having my brother in Nice just in case but nothing happened and I was on Avastin then. I will google and let ye know how I am getting on with my plans.

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