Down but looking up at the light at the end of the tunnel today!

Had a call Friday that I was attend clinic 1st thing this morning.I spent the weekend worrying and 2nd guessing what the reason could be.,

So after a sleepless night I met with the Onc and he started me on the new drug,parp inhibitor.I will be taking them at home but will have to go in every 3/4 weeks for observation and bloods.Has anyone else been on these tablets and what side effect you may have had.I was also advised to go to the sunshine for a few day before I start.

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  • Hi Annie. Not taking this drug but wishing you the best of luck on it. Hope to see you at one of the coffee mornings if you are up to it. X

  • Hi Missfitz.Thank you for your good wishes.I hope to be at the next coffee morning,everything going according to plan.I enjoy the get together with the laugh and chat with all you girls.xx

  • Hi Annie ,sorry I can't offer you any advise but I am sure someone will be able to help you. The best of luck with this new treatment. I hope you manage to fit in a sunshine holiday before you start. Kittie

  • Hi Annie, well that is very positive after a rather worrying weekend, you would never know it was the beginning of the financial year would you haha, just joking. It is great you are being put on these, they are supposed to be better than Avastin from what I have read. I cant answer your question but I wish you well and hope you have that sun holiday booked by the end of the week. As regards shopping, I had to go to the dentist today and looked at the revamped Modern in Lavitts Quay, I saw a nice dress which was only 900euro, The other dresses were reasonable but like a suit of armour not my style although the colours were okay. I would have been like one of the knights of the round table. I want something that is comfy wrinkle free or almost but not fussy about the colour except it shouldnt be too pale. I went to another shop while waiting for a spin home and was told the new collections arrives mid feb. I might have a look in Jon Clares and Sheenas in the meantime. I truely hope that someone will give you information you need. Dont believe all you read on Google though. Hoping we do have a coffee morning in the next few weeks, best wishes

  • Good luck Annie H with new treatment . Why not chat to Laison nurse re s/e drug . Happy hunting Suzuki .

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