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It seems to be quiet on here!

Good morning everyone.

I actually have time to browse this morning and it seems fairly quiet - or is my app faulty?

My thoughts are with everyone who is struggling at the moment.

An update on my situation is that my latest scan still shows disease stability with a small nodule still present but not on the move. I'm still lucky enough to be on Avastin although I've had a one infusion break because the symptoms have been building and getting a bit much. I'm on new meds to counteract the side effects though and feel a little better. I've had a mad busy and emotional year with the death of my much loved mum, the birth of two gorgeous grandsons and the poor health of a few loved ones. I am just in the draining and emotional time of selling mum's bungalow. All in all I can't complain and am.counting my blessings.

Wishing love and strength to you all.

Sandra xx

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Hi Sandra Yes it is quiet maybe holiday time. Have posted recently though. I am glad you got good news. The Avastin did work for me also and all is okay. I have a new grandson just over three weeks old. These things do help us cope don't they? All the best


Oh they certainly do Joan. I love being with my grandchildren. Xx

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So sad to hear of the loss of your Mum, life can be cruel at times. Giving joy on one hand with the. birth of your grandchildren and taking away yourMum. Remember clearly the birth of my first grandchild which was followed closely by my husbands heart attack!

Amazing how we all keep going during times of strife, alwaysseem to find the strength!

Wishing you well

Jackie O xx

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How true Jackie! Mum managed to stay to meet one of her new great grandsons but that was her only regret that she wasn't going to meet her next one. Life does throw curved balls but yes, us OC survivors seem to be a gutsy lot.

Take care



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