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Still here and still being cantankerous as ever๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‰

Hi all

I haven't written in awhile as couldn't log in.Im still here and kicking and trying to "Live for the Moment".Its the most difficult thing to achieve.There are upsides to it though because now I say to my hubby,I'm living for the moment so you decide what we should have for dinner later,do the shopping and if I'm still alive and kicking I'll cook the dinner ha ha.

I'm still on Orlaparib,a year on since January.My cancer at the moment is stable and in fact has disappeared from a few areas.Thank God for research and innovation.

Living with an acute illness on a daily basis can become a very focused occupation and eventhough you try to ignore what you have ,the illness is still at the back of your mind.There are times I've felt so good that I've forgotten I have cancer and those moments to me are precious.

So what do I do to make myself less focused on my illness.Ive taken up walking as much as I can on a daily basis.I started out on little walks but now I do 5-6km daily.I knit,reading a pattern keeps your mind occupied.Most of all I treat myself to a good auld rant at the end of the day.We all need to vent our fears and frustration and finding the person or place to vent this can be difficult. I hate venting to someone and getting the reply "I know,I Know,because usually they don't friggin know,how could they.

For all those going through treatment at the moment ,my thoughts are with you and to all those living in fear,you are not alone,.xxx

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Hi Annie good to hear from you, you have really got good results from this drug, well done and well done on the walking, you wouldnt have done that some months ago. It is living in the moment and we have to do as much as we can to to live our lives as best we can. In fact I believe Emma Hannigan, the author is now on the drug this past week or so. You are putting me to shame with the walking as still allowed only on flat. I have my last physio apt this week but may cancel it as my bp was taken by Irish Heart Foundation and it had gone up so I need to get this checked out. Been putting it off for a week but really best not to for my own sake. My bp hasnt gone up in years not even with Avastin. Lovely to hear from you and continue on the walking.

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Hi Joan,yes good results so far on the drug.Looking forward to the seminar to hear future research and trials.Yes you have to be so careful with BP,so you better curtail your travels to the sunshine for awhile until it's stablished.

I know to stabilise my pressure while in hospital I had to drink a litre of iced water.Hope to see you at the patient day,I'm dragging hubby to it,and hopefully one of us will be able to retain info.๐Ÿ˜€


Funny you should say that, a friend of me told me drink water before so I have drunk water all day, I am probably drinking too much tea so gone decaffinated at the moment for tea and coffee. Grainne did offer to bring me to south doc but its okay now again and anyhow dont want to spend a night in a and e. Will drink more water in the minute. Yes looking forward to the day, I have registered, we have a wedding on the Friday near the City so we hope not to be dancing the night away.


Hi Annie it is great to hear you are doing so well and as for the walking well done you will be able to do a marathon soon ,as D says onwards and upwards. Kittie


Hi Annie

You echo all our thoughts and fears. I think now that only people with this disease understand us. I had a reunion with some old colleagues over Chrirtmas and one of them said I couldn't be ill as I looked so well ! I think when I finally pass on I will have the same thing written on my gravestone that Spike Milligan had " I told you I was sick ! "

You are inspiring me to go on a 10k walk this weekend so I hope that someone like me who is lazy about walking , can do it. There are some hills though. It is in memory of a nineteen year old student who died from cancer 14years ago. I didn't know her personally but know some of her family.

Keep on walking forward . Take care



Hello I also have not written for awhile as I too couldn't log in. I have has a kidney block a stent inserted and a reoccurrence 6 weeks after finishing chemo. I am now doing radiation therapy. I am tired cranky and considering whether any more treatment is worth it. What do you think. I am fed up.


Never ever ever give up..I'm 68, had 4 cancer reoccurrences stage 4 peritoneal carcinoma OC,, all kind of chemo now on olaparib..Doing fine , working full time, just hate being overweight..But gotta keep going..

Never give up..Unless u are in atrocious pain..Take care, friend

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Hey Annie!

Good to hear from you and glad to hear you are so well! I am hoping to get to the patient day in Cork in March so hope to see a few of you there! I totally agree with you about the rants they are part of my self designed therapy I don't hold things in anymore get it all out!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

You are so right too about those times when you actually forget about the word cancer they are just fab aren't they! I am currently trying to make sure that I don't think that every little niggle is sinister and it's hard work but most of the time I can do it!

Hope to see you in Cork in March!



Hi Annie,

You sound so positive and good for you! You put me to shame too as I have been so ill this winter that I haven't been well enough to have the flu jab,or get an excercise programme in place.

I just want to say to you rant here,there is always someone to listen to you who knows from experience what you are going through,this site is such a source of comfort,

Love Carole xx


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