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Hi Ladies and gents, I hope everyone is doing okay at the moment whether on treatment or drug free like I am for now. I hope the ladies in Dublin will have a lovely coffee morning tomorrow. I imagine we will have one in Cork in a month or so. Well the situation regarding the Public waiting list is rather vague. The Minister met with the gynaes in CUMH and their concerns were outlined to him. So it was agreed that the Manager and gynaes work better together in the interests of the patients. There is a mention that the Clinical Director who had great plans for the hospital but was sent to UCC on research will return and act as again as Clinical Director in a working capacity. They are also employing one extra gynae on a six months contract. Annie H and I both spoke on local radio here in Cork about the situation but while Annie H was very lady like, I made my mind up to go on radio in the last few seconds so I was straight to the point and told PJ the plain truth, This long list was known back as far as last April but the Irish College of General Practitioners sat on it. I have a report they researched and which was launched last April, I was present at the launch and I expressed my horror at the gynae waiting list but it was brushed under the carpet. I know if the late Daisy had been with me, she would have stood up and given them a piece of her mind. Any how now there is talks of the list being reduced by referral to private hospitals so I am actually waiting on confirmation of that from a lovely North Cork td who was interested enough to bring the matter to the fore in the Dail last November. So I will finished on a lighter note, I am delighted to say that all going well, there will be a new baby end of next July. All the best to everyone

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  • Well done!

  • Glad you are getting somewhere with the waiting list scandal and how brave of you to speak on radio! Also very good to know things are going well for you, and exciting to have a new baby to look forward to in July.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Barbara xx

  • Double great! There's going to be a few new grandchildren born to us lovely ladies in 2017, enjoy them girls!


  • These are the little things that make us keep on keeping on

  • Absolutely!😀👍

  • Good for you speaking outright x

  • Hi Suzuki

    Well done for standing up for the women of Cork and you were very brave to talk on air. I came to Dublin for the coffee morning. Apart from me going to the wrong hotel it was great to meet everyone and share our stories. It's lovely to look forward to a new baby in your family. I met my lovely new little grand niece for the second time today after the meeting. I know I'm biased but she is truly gorgeous . I will take in a few movies before I return to the country .. Jackie and La .La land. Take care


  • It sounds as if you are having a lovely weekend, great to know you are out and about again, Well we have to keep on looking for better deals for patients in Daisies memory. I was delighted to be able to tell the airways down here the manner in which my query was dealt with after that questions and answers session and it was only the truth. If I can help some of those ladies to be seen faster all the better,

  • Good for you Suzuki

    Can the broadcast be downloaded . Would love to hear it. I am trying to be positive and my friends here are not letting me sit in for yet another duvet day ! As one of them said to me long ago " the motivation comes after the action " . First I must put one foot past the other ! Forgot to say that the next patient day is Cork and I think Sharon said 12mar so I hope we meet up then. Have a lovely weekend


  • Yes you might be able to get it on 96fm opinion line podcast dated 13th January if it is still up, We are at the beginning so you dont have to wade through it. So patient day is March didnt know that now any how it will be up on site soon enough. if its the 10th March have a wedding that day that I prefer not to go to but have to, It takes a while for you to get energy back post chemo so you also need to rest. take care Joan

  • Well done for standing up and making your voice heard. It can only benefit all the women that are waiting.

    Congratulations on the baby news. A blessing to look forward to xo

  • I would love to meet some of the other Irish ladies on here. Is there any way I can register to be notified when the next patient day comes up as I wouldn't mind driving to Dublin or even Cork and making a trip of it xo

  • Hi me too.please tell next dates for anything?

  • There was a coffee morning in Dublin last weekend but there should be one coming up for Cork in the next four or five weeks, keep an eye on the Ovacare site and if you are on facebook, Ovacare also announces them there. In addition Cork should be hosting a Patient day in Late Spring early summer. Ovacare admin will post both on here but if I see a post I will message you through this site. There should be another coffee morning in Dublin in March as well,

  • Hi Ladies as yet haven't heard anything but as soon as I do will let you know. Autumn is here so hopefully Admin have a plan in place for a meet up somewhere

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