Wedding Day

Wedding Day

It is so hard to believe that my sons Wedding Day has come and gone.  It was indeed a lovely day and I am so grateful that I was there for him.  The weather was cool but that didnt deter any of us from enjoying ourselves.  I have a new daughter in law who looked stunning on the day.  There were three groomsmen and three bridesmaids which included my beautiful daughter.  Two flowers girls, my grandnieces and also the page boy my grandson.   The meal was excellent as was the music.   In all it was a great day.

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  • Joan,

    I am so glad you had a lovely day! You look fantastic and so smiley and happy! Long may it last! Loving the hair too it's a gorgeous colour! 



  • Loving Care semi permanent light golden brown available in Sam mc Auleys.  I found the health shop ones dont last and they are expensive.  Only time I got my hair coloured in a salon, it thinned out so went back to Loving Care and do it my self.  Make up was done by make up artist and also the hair.  The thingy on my head was the best match to the outfit and wasnt really expensive.  I can only post one photo at the time so maybe next post will do the happy couple,.  I hope you are keeping well, best wishes

  • Hi Suzuki . What a beautiful photography of you both .I love your outfit. Such lovely memories to have and share. Kittie

  • Thanks Kittie,  I will put up the happy couple when I can get around my daughter to add photo as I could only do one at a time.  I have been told to ditch the jeans and go more often for dresses as some photos are on fb.  So anyone who wants to peek and is on fb, feel free to send me a friend request.  Yes I was opting for a brighter look but was handed this and felt it was perfect.  I saved on the hairpiece haha

  • Hi Suzuki ,Is that your wedding day picture in the corner? Only spotted it now. I will try and send a friend request. Kittie

  • Hi Suzuki, you look fab.  So  glad you all had as great day. The caske lookjs beautiful.  Ann xo

  • Thank you yes the cake was lovely to look at and lovely to eat as well,

  • Lovely photograph. So good that you had a grand family gathering and celebration.  A happy day all round. 

    Loraine.  Lx

  • Hi grannylo,  it was a good day, tiring in respect of the fact I felt I had to speak to as much as possible.  Then my grandson came back home with us for a few days.  He was so upset on the journey but he calmed down and enjoyed being ruined for a few days

  • Great picture. You look fabulous. I'm so glad the day went well and ye all enjoyed it. It's wonderful to see some good news and happy photos on the site. No doubt you are filled with special memories of the day and at the end of the day - isn't that what life is all about - being happy with the people you love. 

  • Yes Missfitz but I did cry during the ceremony had to borrow tissues,  I intend to put up a photo of the bride and groom when my daughter is in the mood to help me.  She forgets, its I taught her how to use a spoon and a pencil and crayons.   Yes I have lovely memories to cherish

  • Thats a real "mammy" thing to say about who taught who first, i love it! Glad the wedding went well. 

  • Congratulations to you and your family.

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations. You look wonderful ! 

    Judy x

  • Thanks so much

  • Looking great Suzuki. Love your outfit. Is that your wedding photo in black and White ? 

    Take care


  • Yes it was our wedding photo and the brides was on the other side of the cake.  Hard to believe its now over 

  • You look fantastic :) so glad the wedding went so well. I love the cake too. Best wishes Trish x

  • Thank you hope to put one up of the happy couple in next day or so

  • Fabulous photo,you look really glamourous,so lovely to put a face to the name!

    Really glad you had a lovely day,am looking forward to my daughters wedding on the beach next month and hope it is as sucessful as your day obviously was.

    These memories are worth treasuring,it's what we all fight for and its lovely that you look so well,

    Best wishes

    Carole xxx

  • Yes the day was certainly worth fighting for, and worth every bit of chemo I ever had.   My sister in law felt I felt the wrench of my son going out of home.  He is gone almost ten years living in another county.  My tears were of gratitude to be honest, to be able to witness it and enjoy the day.

  • Would look forward to seeing photos of the rest of the family and obviously the happy couple.

    My son has just moved into his own house and I have had a couple of quiet tears, not to the fact he has, but, to all the happy memories and the fact that I will miss him.

    There's no shame In that in my book,also I think this complaint makes us more emotional for what has gone before and what may come and me,for one, am not going to apologise if emotions overtake me at times, although I usually take myself off so people don't see!

    We are all coping as best we can and should be proud of ourselves

    Love to all the ladies xxx

  • You look lovely and really pleased you all had a great day.  Previous memories. 

    Please do post us a pic of the bride and of course your lovely son xo

  • Thank you, I am waiting to catch my daughter in a good mood to help me load the photo.  

  • Beautiful photo Joan,you have a little mischief in your eyes ha ha,Love the outfit and shoes as I said to you before,you were stunning on the day as was your son and his new wife and your grandson. Congratualations to you all.xx 

  • Thanks Annie,  yes you guessed right, I did the photo booth thing with my daughter and grandnieces all in a days fun.  The day wasnt long enough and it was shortened by the fact I had to go upstairs to babysit as grandson wouldnt settle.  He was as high as a kite.   I hope to put up a photo of bride and groom later.

  • You look fab and love the touch of sparkle!

    So glad you had a wonderful day,  sure you were so proud of your son.


  • So glad it was a lovely day and you look fab xx

  • Thank you, I have been told ditch the jeans and casual look but I cant change me really can I? The weather has picked up nicely here so definitely lighter clothes. It was a long time coming and I hope we get a nice summer

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