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Hi Im 32 years old with no kids and just posted in another forum but didn't get a response. I just have a question about ovarian cancer. I had standard blood tests done and the only thing that was found is iron defenciency anemia. I have anxiety every day it seems but also have been having bloating, gas feeling and pain in my pelvic area. I thought I had acid reflux, that's what my GP told me but I got a second opinion and they ordered a barium swallow which didn't show any reflux. Now I'm concerned because the physician that ordered the test there recommended I see my gynecologist to rule out "other things" such as OV C. I'm just curious of what others experienced before they discovered something was wrong. Thank You in advance 😊

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  • OC is hard to diagnose. I had symptoms for over a year before they ordered a CT scan and found the tumours. Mine was pain in the pelvis and the bloating although I didn't complain about that just thought it was indigestion. It is good that your GP is thinking about it and getting the gynaecologist to check you out. That way they can catch it early which is what you want. Hope they get you sorted and find nothing 😊

  • Thank You. I hope you are well now.

  • Hi, it's so difficult to second guess these things as your symptoms could be evidence of many conditions. The most important thing is that your Doc is not just dismissing the symptoms and is getting to the bottom of it. Yes, they are similar to the symptoms I had when I was diagnosed but it probably isn't OVC. PLEASE don't Google - you will scare yourself silly. I think all of us on this site have unnecessarily lost sleep from what we have read.

    Be patient and await more results. Your Doc is on to it. Let them do the thinking about this. They will have the answers and the solution.

    Hoping that you have good results and that your problems are easily sorted.

    Sandra xx

  • Hi Thank You. I'm just ready to stop wondering. And I will stay away from Google from now on lol

  • ;) x

  • Hi there

    It's good that you are being referred to a gynaecologist who will no doubt give you a thorough examination and order a CT scan if he thinks it's necessary . Don't second guess or Google as it will just make you imagine all sorts of scenarios. Although young women can get OC or PPC it mostly hits middle aged women . I wish you all the best .


  • Hi Thank You very much.

  • Feeling full after just one mouthful of food and losing weight

    Increased urination

    Wind !

    Lower backpain

    Agonising /excrtuitiating pain one night which continued on and off for about 8 hours

    With my recurrence I had:

    Bloating - caused by abdomen filling with Ascites

    Feeling full and not being able to eat

    Abdominal pressure

    Feeling ill

    Chronic indegestion


  • Wow Thank You. Yup pretty much me but I don't have lower back pain.

  • It can take time to get through all the tests so be prepared for that. The most important thing is that it's being taken seriously.

    Tests can still show other causes though so don't think you have cancer until it's diagnosed- OR NOT of course


  • Thank You

  • Hi, firstly standard blood tests usually do not include a CA125. Your GP will only carry this out if you have one or more symptoms of ovarian cancer though.

    Its important to remember that the bloating women experience with ovarian cancer does not cone and go, it is there constantly and usually has to be there for at least 10 days out of 12.

    Being anaemic can cause you to feel terrible and gas in your abdominal region can cause pain. I think you need to keep a diary of your symptoms for a couple of weeks and take it with you to your GP as this will guide him/her what the best way to proceed would be.

    All the best. Ann

  • Hi, Thank You. Very informative. What I have been feeling comes and goes, today I don't feel anything

  • Ovacome have a sprcifically designed symptom diary which is easy to use and which generates a report for your GP. Target Ovarian Cancer have a similar thing which is a downloadable app... Both can be found via their websites (links below) and Id thoroughly recommend them both!! Sx



  • Thank you. I will check it out. Thanks

  • Hi Tanae, welcome to the site, I would think bloating, loss of appetite, constipation would definitely be symptoms. Anything you have for more than three weeks and paid that doesnt subside with paracetamol. The reflux could be from having too much fizzy foods or spices, this happened me recently and camera test showed all okay. I am glad you are being cared for and hopefully it will not turn out to be OC, all the best

  • Thank You

  • Ovacome have a good tool that helps you record any symptoms as they happen- as has been said the frequency and persistency is relevant. Target Ovarian Cancer have an app which does the same.... It's good that you are being listened to and checked out- it may well not be what you fear though, Sx

  • Thank You

  • Why is no one suggesting the gold standard pathology of CA125 ? Here, besides it, they also do CEA and CA 19.9 to rule out other associated C's. Whilst I do agree that above normal values of the above tests do not necessarily indicate C, at least below normal values can rule it out. Won't it?


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