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No Beach for me ,this weekend!

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Didn't get to go to Kerry this weekend unfortunately.I wasn't feeling very well on Friday,dropped by my G.P who ended up being closed Good Friday.I did the worst thing ever I self diagnosed,after I preaching it should never be done! Was putting everything down to the side effects of Olaparib.Was still not feeling well Saturday and yesterday so last night I ended up going to Southdoc who diagnosed a severe UTI,septic throat and chest infection.Unfortunately due to the drug I am on plus allergy to other drugs ,he had only one option of antibiotic ,which never worked for me,so I'll have to wait and see.Im after 3 doses of it now and not feeling any better.

What was interesting was,he asked me how long I had O.C,I told him I was diagnosed in Sept 2014 but I was told I had it at least 1 and a half yrs before diagnosis.I said I was told it was IBS and the menopause.He was trying to convince me that it wasn't a wrong diagnosis as all the symptoms of O.C were the same as IBS so I could feel the wagons circuling around the medical profession.Hopefully all of you had a better weekend than me ,I didn't even get to eat my Easter Egg ,"Yet" ! 

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Oh Annie, I am sorry you are unwell, I hope the antibiotics kick in, leave it until tomorrow and plenty of drinks to keep the ut clear and temperature down,  There are a lot of bugs going around and you must have picked one up unfortunately,  Yes they do tend to stand up for each other and the gate closes fairly fast if you try to ask questions,  Hopefully next weekend you can make up for it and also get to eat your Easter egg in a day or two,   I had a quiet weekend apart from going to visit my grandson today,  My daughter drove down and back and she is tired,  The wedding is getting closer and Bridzilla is making her appearance.  Now wants her father and my hubby in identical suits.  They are going jto hire them but are waiting to see if her father will have surgery for his back,  If so, and he is in hospital, then my hubbys own suit will do,  I think I need a holiday, its doing my head in.   While somethings are more important than others to them, and they are supposed to be saving, they have now bought a Nutribullet used once and a lot of rotting fruit on the worktop,  I told them if they dont want the nutribullet pass it my way. 

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Caroles1 in reply to suzuki

Hi Suzuki,

This really made me smile! My daughter has a few Bridzilla moments, but seems to reign herself in and we have had the discussion about matching suits. I'm more concerned about the USA telling their personnel to leave Turkey and fly home at the moment! Since we are supposed to have a wedding on the beach there.

Oh yes, we have fruit in a certain house rotting on the side by a new Nutribullit lol!


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suzuki in reply to Caroles1

I have calmed down and so has my daughter.  She feels I am doing too much for the happy couple and she is totally right.  They are 36 and 33 and should have a little more finesse.  My son shouldnt be relying on me to sort everyone out.  So my daughter went to check her Bridesmaids dress, it is nice,kind of grecian style, I went to town to meet her on her lunch hour and she appreciated that.   Alterations are necessary but they will be done too.     I told my son that I cannot be stressed because I need to look after me so that line is drawn in the sand.  I know my daughter in law to be is stressed about her father,from the looks of it he may not make the full day if at all.   It is unfortunate and dissapointing for her.   I hadnt realised that USA had done that.  My brother does visit Tunisia and Syria occasionally in his line of work but these invitations are none existent now because of the trouble and also because there are younger people with more modern experience in Adult Ed Guidance,  I am glad because it was a worry.


I'm sorry to hear that your weekend turned into a bit of a nightmare, that you missed out on your weekend in Kerry. Hope you feel better soon. M

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annieH1 in reply to Cathanne

Thanks  cathanne,hopefully after tomorrow I'll have a new lease on life.xx

Hey Annie, 

Sorry your weekend wasn't what you had hoped for but Kerry will be waiting for you and so will your Easter Eggs no doubt.....something to look forward to!! 

Mind yourself and I hope you feel better soon!! 


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annieH1 in reply to HogwartsDK

Thanks D,haven't eaten egg yet!! Hopefully after. Look transfusion I'll be inclined to eat

Sorry Annie that you missed out on trip to beach but you wil get there another time . Mind yourself  now and I hope you feel better very soon . 

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annieH1 in reply to Connie8

Thanks Connie,I'll get there asap I hope.x x

Dear Annie

I hope your infection clears and you are feeling well and enjoying your Easter Eggs. It must be a bit of a worry having no choice of antibiotic if the one you can have has never worked before. 

I hope you put your doctor right about IBS and told him that IBS does not manifest itself out of the blue in our 40s and 50s. If a patient appears to have IBS at that age there should be some warning signals. 

Are your GPs allowed to access the online GP training offered by Target Ovarian Cancer? It's free-of-charge and takes 35 minutes to complete. It's accredited in the UK but can't speak for S Ireland. 

I'd never considered before what support you all get from charities. I don't suppose with a population of about 4.5M you can support all the cancer charities we have in the UK. It's the same in Wales. With only 3M people we have very few of our own charities but can use the UK ones. I wonder if you can use the nurse-led line at Ovacome. 

I can only wish you a speedy recovery from your infection and hope to see a post soon saying you feel tip-top again. xxx

Sending love xx AnnieM

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annieH1 in reply to Whippit

Thanks Annie,infection under control I think but was feeling so bad today that I went back to my own GP.My blood level down to 7 ,so severe anaemia,will be going into hospital tomorrow for transfusion.

I'm not sure about the online training course here for GPs.I read recently that GPs in the UK ,see 1 case of O.C every 5 yrs,that seems to be very little.I wonder should the stat be,doctors diagnose O.C when a female has attended with symptoms which are misdiagnosed.

By the way,you looked fab on T.V,loved the smile while getting the point across.xx

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Whippit in reply to annieH1

Hi Annie

The stat for GPs is that they only see 3 women on average with ovarian cancer during their career. They may well get many more in their surgery worried about it. I don't know the stats for that. 

It would be good if your GPs could access the online training as it's free and helps. 

That's amazing you caught up with the documentary. I thought the film maker did an amazing job. He always made me feel relaxed as though he wasn't really there. It was he who asked the questions. I just answered them and he filmed me. It was a lot of information to squash into 35 minutes. xx Annie

Hi Annie. I am sorry you are not feeling to well at the moment, I was actually thinking of you at the weekend and said to myself the weather is pretty good hope its like that where Annie lives. There is always another day when your feeling well again and maybe bring your Easter Egg with you if you haven't attacked it yet. You are so right about GPs when I was in last week getting my bloods done I asked him his opinion on the Talc issue ,his answer was theirs nothing much about it in the medical journals I felt it was a brush off .Kittie.

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annieH1 in reply to kittie

Thanks Kittie. Yes some doctors can be patronising,I don't think they like us knowing more that they do about O.C.xx

Hi Annie,

Hope you start to feel better soon and the thought of Easter eggs become appealing!

If the doctors in all their wisdom don't give me anti b's, I revert to Vick inhalers and boiled lemons, with honey or Ginger, any of the old remedies,a combination usually helps.

I went to a target Ovarian cancer day and found so many women fobbed off with a Ibs or divoticulitus diagnosis until it all became too late, I think we need to think of a way of educating these doctors to eliminate the Oc diagnosis before something else is diagnosed,any ideas anyone? as the CA125 isn't always accurate for everyone,

Wishing you well Annie 

Love Carole xxx

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annieH1 in reply to Caroles1

Thanks Carol.Yes agree with you regarding O.C awareness.As far as I can see there is very little publicity about it.xx

Hi Annie, my brother was in Dingle area last week and posted photos including inch beach. I cant share them but hopefully you can see them on my timeline when you are well enough.  I hope you are feeling better and that the antibiotics helped or that you have got some assistance from the hospital thinking of you best wishes

Thanks Suzuki.Was feeling worse today so GP did bloods.Ill be going into hospital tomorrow for blood transfusion as severely anaemic .Hopefully after that I'll be well enough for travel.Scared to death that the prof will take me off the new drug now.xx

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Caroles1 in reply to annieH1

Hi Annie,

Was severely anaemic too, had 2 blood transfusions and it did the trick, you will feel so much better,

Wishing you the best xx

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suzuki in reply to annieH1

I wouldnt think so, Annie, my friend has antibodies every month while on her drug to help with infections. Her onc ordered that because she didnt want her to stop the drug, hers is also a trial for CLL/   No wonder you werent feeling well,  That is low enough but the transfusion will soon bring you around again.   People often get them while on treatment.   I wish you luck tomorrow, and you should be back to yourself in a day or so

Hi Annie. I hope you feel better after your treatment and your transfusion. Thinking of you. X

I am thinking of you today Annie and I hope that you got on okay and are resting at home now this evening, take care and best wishes.

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