Happy New Year for 2014

Just want to wish everyone using this site a happy and healthy 2014. Some of us might be down at the moment having treatment and side effects. Most of us are worrying about what is in store for us in 2014. So remain positive, try and get out when weather permits and try and not let this stupid ovarian cancer win. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope it is a good one for us all. There are new drugs being used which are effective in fighting this disease and show great promise so hold on to that thought

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  • Hi Suzuki. Many happy returns to you and to anyone else reading this. Thank you for posting such a positive message. It's a great start to 2014 and I hope this year brings good health to all. X

  • Hi Suzuki, your post gave me a great positive start to the New Year, thank you and A very happy and healthy new year to you.xxx

  • Hi Suzuki, A very happy new year to you and everyone on this site, I have had problems with my password and had to get it reset I felt as if my right arm was broken with not being .able to log in even though the site was quiet.

  • Yes I miss some of the usual people I do hope they are doing okay at the moment. I am hopeless for passwords too must be chemo fog or something. It is one of the dogs names but which one I can never remember haha

  • hi Suzuki and others.happy new year to everyone.im certain more and more every day I have OC .,its getting harder and harder to eat anything.i only have breakfast most days now and plenty of glucose drinks.the last week or so I cant even eat a meal.dr appointment on Monday fro blood results at 08.50--(will be no dog walk that morning)have kept a note book(diary)of way each day is and symptoms and questions to ask things to discuss.

  • Well good luck with the blood results but really all that glucose isnt doing you good. You are lucky having the best of both worlds, ie being near a town and countryside together. I am on the outskirts of a City but if I walk out of the park, I can easily access a country walk, and it is nice to see and hear the birds and the different sounds. I also have a bird feeder in my garden, so get robins, blue tits and wrens and chaffinches. Then the starlings and crows come along and chase the smaller birds. Got a feeder which the big birds cant feed from but I think the smaller ones arent too happy with it. Nature is a funny think isnt it?

  • ive always taken glucose when ill or had no appetite.didnt think it could do any harm?

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