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hip tenderness

Hi Ladies, hope ye are all in good spirits, I find this forum very helpful. I have had a hysterectomy and both ovaries removed due to cancer nearly 4 years ago now, looking for advice or wondering has anybody experienced pain/tenderness on the right hip area......

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Hi Cotton, yes I have hip tendonitis. My gp sent me to team this time last year and they organised an mri which showed no cancer but tendonitis. I had pain from hip to toes and my sciatic nerve was involved, My leg went dead at times. The pain radiated a bit and I was apprehensive but all is good now, I had physio and traction for about six months and also got steroid injections from a Rheumatologist. He told me not to wear worn shoes, physio also told me to wear Asic Gel Runners for walking. You dont need an expensive pair and they are actually on special in Welches Sports shops in Cork at the moment. I went walking in casual shoes and Sketchers prior to this and it seems they are not fit for purpose. I was told in fact sketchers were not made for fast walking. I hope this helps you. So go to your gp and see if you can get referred for mri and take it from there. all the best

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