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Refuse Avastin or any treatment

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I have to start Avastin infusion tomorrow but I am thinking to refuse it .Is there anybody have dan that ? What if I don’t get any treatment at all .I just have microscopical cells in my abdominal fluid.How long I can survive whiteout medicine.

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Hi. You are in control of your treatment, so of course you can refuse Avastin, but I wonder why you would. I am two years out of treatment, and still NED. This I put down to Avastin, as I still had areas of cancer before I started the course.

The decision has to be yours and I wish you all the best whatever you decide.


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Erebuni in reply to 27-359

Hi Jenny ,thanks .I gonna talk to my doctor today. Emma

Hello Erebuni,

Why not talk to either your CNS or the support team at Ovacome on freephone 0800 008 7054 about your concerns and doubts?

Having more information before making my decisions has only helped me feel more in charge of how I work with those who are there to help me. As Jenny says, it is your choice about your life and whatever decision you take, everyone here will wish you well.

Warm wishes, Lesley

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Erebuni in reply to lesleysage

Hi Lesley thanks for your wishes,it’s make me stronger not afraid tech Avastin. Emma

I refused Avastin for frontline because I got multiple opinions that it would probably extend progression free survival by 2 months. I wanted to be free of treatment after frontline. However your situation sounds like recurrence which is a whole different thing. I don’t know as much about Avastin in the recurrent setting but it would be easier than chemo. Is it for maintenance? You should probably seek a second opinion at a major cancer center.

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Thanks delia2 for advice.Emma

If I'd ever been offered it, I would definitely have taken it. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Erebuni in reply to ZenaJ

Hi ZenaJ I think I gonna take offer ,now I am little dawn ,scare less. Thanks Emma

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Right now I am getting Avastin infusion,so far so good 😊

Hi Erebuni,

I know it’s your decision alone but please don’t refuse Avastin, I have had a couple of recurrences and have taken Avastin and am taking PARP inhibitor Olaparib at the moment, I hardly knew I was taking Avastin there were little or no side effect. Please everyone on this site look at today’s Irish Times today, big breakthrough on T cell inhibitors. For a lot of us this may be an option down the road all we have to do is hang in there, the research is nearly there.

I wish you the very best and everyone on this site.

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Hi 21752 Thanks for reply I am in Avastin now,so far so good.Emma💐

Dear Erebuni

I am glad you have received your treatment. We all have fear starting treatment that is totally understandable. Fear of the unknown is very difficult. But it is always important to discuss your fears with your team, nurse specialist, GP and family. You need to trust in your team or get second opinion or even change to doctor you do trust in. Well done in taking the treatment and

I hope you are feeling ok with no symptoms.

Take care

Esther x

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Erebuni in reply to estherg

Dear Esther Thanks for nice words .So far after one treatment I am ok.Hope gonna stay that way .Monday next one .Emma 😊💐

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