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Hi ladies

Hope to find you all as well as can be expected I thought I would pop on and give you all a giggle so picture tge scene ive started wearing my wig hair is growing back but weirdly I'm more conscious of my really short grey hair than I was when I was bald wearing scarves maybe it's because my Nice & Easy secret is out ; ) anyway there I was last Tuesday during storm Doris's high windsmaking my way to James hospital thinking im fabulous wearing my wig nice ish normal clothes and a bit of make up strolling along when woosh a gist of wind took my wig right off and blew it infront of me the mortification ! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry there I was facing two rather handsome builders with their breakfest rolls not knowing where to look werher to run after it or what too do all I could do was laugh my head off the lovely builders picked it up shook it and gave it back to me thankfully I had my chemo cap in my bag so could put that on a wash with wig shampoo & conditioner soon sorted it and had it back to normal : ))

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  • Hi Tracey, all I can do is giggle, I imagine you ruined the builders breakfast rolls, I suppose it was mortifying but it was also funny, I hope you are doing well on treatment apart from that, We have to have a giggle or two to get through this dont we? We are also here if you need advice or support at any time,

  • You're not the first one to have this happen......and I bet you weren't the only one with Doris.... it will give them a bit of colour when they tell the story to their grandchildren!

  • So funny! I can remember my grandson pulling mine off in a crowded restaurant!


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