ovarian cyst

Hi ... i have ibs and crohns but after months of pain I was diagnosed with a left side ovarian cyst in June last year. This was causing immense pain in my side down my left leg and generally unwell. I had 3 injections of prostap but had to stop as had adverse reaction to it. I had the minera coil fitted in 28th December and have had severe pain and cramping and bleeding constantly - back to how I felt 6 months ago. Is this normal ? I would like it removed but not sure what else is available. I have go next week for 6 week check so would like some options before I go see her. Thank you in advance. D x


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Hi D,

Don't have experience of this,but,it would be useful to keep a diary of symptoms etc if you can and the advice you have been given,also,take someone with you to appointments as things in my case seem to go in one ear and out the other!

No one should be in constant pain in this day and age and you need to be armed with the right questions to ask,not google,since it isn't accurate.

Do you definately have IBS? I would question the evidence to make sure I just think you should have a plan in place to make sure your health is back to normal,

Lots of love,

Carole xx


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