Simple Cyst Changes - Scared!!!

So a few months ago I had an ultrasound due to random pains outside of my period. The scan revealed a 5cm Simple Cyst on my left ovary and it was recommended that I have a re-scan in 3 months. Well Friday I had that scan and got the results today to be told that it has grown slightly and also changed to a Multilocular cyst with at least 4 locules!! I am now being referred to a Gynacologist and have to have the blood test for ovarian cancer! I'm only 29!!

Safe to say I feel sick to my stomach not knowing and I hate waiting!

Has anyone else ever had this?

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  • Hi there and welcome to the site. I suppose it is best to find out what is wrong first and then get a treatment plan if you need it. I understand where you are coming from but unfortunately young women may get this disease as well. Best of luck in the next few weeks. Do take some one with you to the appointments as it is good to have a second pair of ears. Do ask your gynae when you see him if there is anyone you can talk over your worries with in the hospital.

  • Thanks. I'm in the middle of planning my wedding so really don't need this stress on top of everything else! Apparently the sonographer hasn't said anything about cancer and hasn't requested an urgent referral so I guess that's something

  • Hi. I can totally understand how frightened you are but you've just got to think that you are in good hands and the doctors are just trying to rule things out. I was diagnosed aged 43, after they removed a cyst that they had ignored for over a year. My CA125 (Ovarian cancer marker) was negative so they just presumed that my cyst was benign. It wasn't! So at least they are exploring every avenue with you. It's unlikely to be malignant at your age but unfortunately is possible. Stay strong and try not to panic. The good news is that they've found the cyst - often ladies have them for years without knowing until they rupture. Let us know how you get on xx

  • Will do. I have my blood test this morning but my gynaecologist appointment isn't until August!!! So they can't be that concerned!?

    So sorry that yours was OC! How are you now? Xx

  • I had a total hysterectomy in February and I've had 4 out of 6 chemo's so far - although my bloods are misbehaving do its all been very delayed! It doesn't sound like they are too worried. If I was you, I'd ask if there is a possibility of removing the cyst. I really wish I'd have insisted as by the time they decided to remove mine, it ruptured during removal which is why I am now having chemo! They still thought it was benign at that point.

    Good luck xxx

  • oh bless you! Hope you're not suffering with the chemo too much!

    I've already said that when I finally see a gynacologist I'm asking for it to be removed. I used to be scared of any op (never had one) but now I don't care. It gives me back ache and when you have a horse that is not ideal!! Just want the little lodger out of me.

    Hope you feel better soon - Wishing you lots of luck for the rest of your treatment xx

  • My bloods came back with a level of 8! So normal! I'm so relieved! Now just another 6 weeks til I see my gynaecologist

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