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Why does my abdominal/ovarian area keep getting sharp pains?


Hello, lovely ladies. Everyone on here is so strong and helpful, and I thought there is no better place to go for advice. Now, I am not 100% sure whats going on with me, but decided today- after getting an especially sharp pain, that I needed peoples advice. This could be the smallest thing such as period pains, but I just wanted to double check. Every week or less I get sharp pains in my abdominal/ovarian area. these last any time from 5 minutes to an hour. Sometimes i'll think its gone, and stand up and the pain will come right back. Sometimes its subtle and I can only slightly feel it like an ache. Like today, though, it can hurt with the littlest movement. I was sat in the car, with my parents in the front- as we were dropping my siste roff at the train station so she could go back to uni. Suddenly, on the way back, I got another sharp pain and it felt as though if I sat up from the almost laying position I sunk into, it would hurt badly. After these sharp pains I am left with an almost in-noticeable ache. Other symptoms- Sometimes, when I poo, the area with have a stretched feel to it, kind of discomforting. Sometimes I feel bloated (but this could be due to my period as that usually occurs) and my period for the last few months has been very inconsistent. Any ideas? Thanks. xx

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Hi there and welcome to the site, my suggestion to you would be to see your gp asap and ask for a ca 125 blood test and also referral to a gynae, If your gp can arrange ultra sound then that is great. It may be nothing much to worry about but at the same time, better to check it out

Yes I agree with Suzuki ,best to get it checked out.

Hi girl with a goal, I would agree with your other replies go to your gp, this could be one of many ailments but it's better be safe, the ca125 is a good place to start but definitely a ct scan or ultrasound don't worry too much but I would make that appointment today if only to allay your fears. Let us know how you get on best wishes 21752 x

Thankyou for your advice, Ladies. I think I may tell my mother about it, as I am only 17 at the moment and cant book aptmts without parental guidance. You are all right, better safe than oblivious. Hopefully its nothing to worry about and something tat can be solved easy. Thankyou all!

Best wishes for you all-

Pippa X

Didnt realise you were that young so really it would be best to ask your Mum to make a gp apt for you and take it from there, all the best

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