Cyst on Bowel

Hi All,

I hope you are all keeping well.

I wondered if anyone has ever had a cyst on their bowel after having OC? Mum is stage 4 but was given the all clear in September. Since then she has been having pains in her tummy and side which they said was kidney infection and something to do with her gallbladder. They have now found a cyst on her bowel which they think is the reason for all her pain. They do not know for sure what it is yet and as you can imagine I am thinking the worst that it is the cancer returning. They are due to do an MRI scan today.

Is it common to get bowel cysts? After reading online it looks like they can turn into cancer if they are not removed...

Any advise or stories would be appreciated.

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  • HI Bepositive, I hope the Mri scan has gone well and that the doctor and you and your Mum have a clearer idea this evening. Hopefully it is not the worst scenario but of course we all worry when something goes amiss. I wish you well and keep in touch

  • Thanks Suzuki, we are still awaiting the MRI scan... the anticipation is the worst when you do not know. Will post an update once we know more. :) x

  • I agree with you and wish your Mum the best of luck and hope you get result soon,

  • Hi Suzuki,

    The news hasn't seemed very good for mum. She is on avastin and was given all clear in September, however scans have now shown spots on liver, mass in pelvis.. We are awaiting the next steps.. Literally cannot believe this is happening so soon after thinking everything was going to be ok. I read your bio and have seen you've been on treatment for a few years now.. It gives me hope this time around with mum :) xx

  • I am sorry this has happened but your Mums oncologist will give your Mum the best treatment he has. If you need a second opinion, then its worth a try. I am sure the Ovacome nurse would also be helpful if you gave her a ring. I am sorry I just saw your post now hence late delay.

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