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Symptoms. Worried.

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Im 26 years old. I started my period at 14 completely pain free I Was then on the pill since I was 16-early twenties no period issues. However I was diagnosed with anemia last year.

I stated to notice ovulation pain for a while but put it to get it older.. then Since July I stated with pelvic pain and lower back pain. Noticed on my period I had horrendous pains like I’ve never experienced before never had period pain at all previously. So this was a shock.

If I look back the last few years my periods have been heavyier darker blood, with clots and leaks and gushing of blood whilst on periods at times..

I ended up in A&E with horrendous pain on July 31st ,l whilst on my period the worst period pain I have ever left in my life and my legs were shaking. My CT showed a tiny bit of fluid around my left ovary but nothing else, they said it was either a cyst that burst or just my period as I was on it at the time. I was given strong pain killers.

Again my period came in August and I was stroke by horrendous pain I could barley walk

Since then I’ve had constant pelvic / ovary back pain when I’ve been on my period I’ve had striking pain so much that I can’t walk. Pains in to my legs, and having to take high pain killers.

They sent me for a abdobimal ultrasound The transvaginal was too painful to do and they saw my ovaries extremely clear on the screen, normal size, no masses or abdonmalities. Same with my uterus and endometrial lining, all normal.

Still the pelvic pain was continuing constantly. I also had IBS symptoms, acid reflux,ramping stomach pain, burning pain in my hips, legs, stomach and Ribs.

My appitite is fine, I’m not constantly bloated. But I’m sick of all of this.

Previous history of constant UTIS, institital cystitis, bowel issues since I was a teen including fetal inpactation.

I did a private CA125 test via medichecks whilst on my period and my levels were slightly raised at 47.

I’ve spoken to 6 doctors and my gyno who aren’t worried about things but obviously I’m very anxious.

I have family with gyno suspects endo and she’s put endo and lap as my surgery next week I have my lap on the 24th

I’m very anxious which I imagine is making symptoms 100 percent worse.

Kind words would be helpful

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I imagine all sorts are running through your head, can you ask your gp to refer you to a gynae as perhaps he maybe be able to sort the period issues for you through medication. If your painkillers are aspirin based then that may cause more than usual loss of blood, Surely your gp is concerned about anaemia. I would recomment a return visit and ask for referral for ct scan just to be sure. May the lap next week will give them a better indication as to what is wrong if anything. Try and forget it for the weekend

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Kate345 in reply to suzuki

Already under a gyne privately who isn’t concerned.. that’s who I’m having my lap with next week she wrote endometriosis on the form automatically after looking through my scan reports so she seems rather confident

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Kate345 in reply to suzuki

Had gushing period feelings a good few months before all this pain, always leaked through clothes and had clots, again didn’t think anything of it lol.

As I’ve mentioned I’ve already had a CT scan and an ultrasound lol

Last year apparently my iron levels were very very low indeed and no one mentioned anything after one lot of iron tablets they haven’t checked since.

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Kate345 in reply to suzuki

My lap is 4 days, not long now x

Forgot to say so as I’ve had bowel issues for years and institital cystitis now this just feel like I was made to have an inflamed lower area lol

Definitely need to see a gynaecologist and ask your gp for referral and to do blood test for anaemia

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Kate345 in reply to suzuki

I’m under a gyno she’s doing my lap on Tuesday need to get iron re tested for sure tho :)

Hi Kate,

Where do you live, Kate? Hopefully things will be clearer after Tuesday.

If in UK, my only two thoughts are to ring the Ovacome Free Helpline 0800 008 7054 and ask your GP to refer you to another gynae consultant for a second opinion.


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Kate345 in reply to lesleysage

Things should be clearer after my laparoscopy and when they’ve seen what’s happening.. once I know what’s happening I doubt I’ll have a second opinion on things once they confirm the reason to my symptoms

I read somewhere that having a CT125 test while having a period can raise the number. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Kate345 in reply to ellen-60

I was diagnosed with endometriosis yesterday via a laparoscopy.. no cancer :)

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ellen-60 in reply to Kate345

Endo is no fun but I'm so happy for you that it's not cancer. Now get out there and enjoy your life ! Xx

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