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Spent 10 out of the last 15 days in hospital.I needed two more units of blood and had Angiogram( a very painful experience).I was taken off of my drug for 8 days.I was to go back on my drug on the Monday but had a sharp pain on my side all Sunday so decided to take drug which got rid of the pain.Whether it was the drug that helped or the pain would have gone on its own I don't know.

I ended up back in A&E a few days later with severe shoulder and wrist pain.I took some morphine during the day which,didn't help with the pain so I rang the hospital and was told to attend straight away.I had ( and still don't) no radial pulse where I had angiogram.They thought it was a complication from angiogram but as yet I don't know.Im still popping pain killers.

I still have a lot of fight left in me and at some stages during the past 2 weeks I needed it.This O.C is something we have to keep one step ahead of all the time.I was stubborn with it last Saturday and went for a day trip to the beach.It was glorious.We found a deserted beach,I was able to scream at the waves and inhale the purity of the sea breeze.I was able to hang out lines of washing and entertain grandchildren for a little while.I was able to attend a garden show, albeit in a wheelchair.I allowed myself to enjoy life and when my hubby and family see me smiling,they can smile too and they also can forget about the O.C for a day or two.thinking of all of you and keeping all of you in my prayers.x

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  • Thanks for the update :) sorry you were feeling so poorly hopefully you will find some relief soon. Your post was very inspirational I'd love to visit the sea with my loved ones.

    Best wishes

    Trish xxx

  • Thanks Trish.I love the sea and find it very calming and invigorating.The beach we go to is about 2 hrs away from where we live ,so it's a long journey.We plan it well though.We stop off in different villages for breaks,maybe a cup of tea and homemade apple pie or just a glass of ice cold fizzy water.We also go where there's a hospital within easy reach,just in case.Then we're able to head off with a peaceful mind.xxx

  • Im so sorry you have been so poorly. Your attitude is amazing and inspiring. I live minutes from the sea. Your post has made me realise how lucky that is and not to take it for granted. Of course i dont get the apple pie and villages on route but next trip will definitely have a Rossi ice cream. X

  • Hi Annie you sure have been through the mill the last few weeks and are still upbeat about it , you sure put me to shame with me moaning and groaning over little things. I think a trip to the beach is something I am going to do sooner rather than later , I love the feel of the sand through my toes not so fond of the sea as I have a fear of water but I still wet my toes. I hope your pains begin to ease and you can enjoy this beautiful weather we are having at the moment long may it last. Kittie😎🐠🐬🐚🍦

  • Thanks Kittie,gosh your going through an awful lot at the moment also.Chemo takes it out of you.Ive come to the conclusion when beach is on your mind ,than beach we should go to,in that time on that day,if we're able.Ive just spent the last 15 mins looking for the remainder of a box of Irish Roses,just had the urge for one.Cant find it anywhere and as it's just my hubby and I living here, I've a good idea where they have gone,so I'll kill him when he gets home from work ha ha.I heard a specialist on radio this morning who said,10 mins out in Thai sunshine with bare arms is equal to a daily dose of vit D,which helps the immune system and bone marrow.Hope you get out in the sunshine.xxx

  • A lovely post. As trish has written,inspirational

    Judy x

  • Thanks Judy,not at all just one of the Warriors in here,we are all inspirational,because we are strong.xxx

  • Hi Annie, yes it seems as if ye had a lovely day at the beach, the weather looked good. I am sorry you have been having a hard time recently, you must be allergic to hospital at this stage. It is unbelievable how the care is no longer there for us when we are sick. I sent off the email to the little lad in Leinster Hse but didnt get a reply. Wonder would a letter make any difference, I will wait and see before I do that. Today was nice up here, so I went to Woodies for paint for the fence and the kitchen. It might encourage a certain person to move about. I washed my dogs this weekend and took them for a walk up the woods behind my house today. I was half afraid I would fall, the path is gone in some places because of the heavy rain so I turned back. It was nice and cool and enjoyable though. I hope you got Vit D today like myself even if you sat out. The next week is supposed to be really nice. Thinking of you and best wishes

  • Ohh Suzuki ,you make me laugh.I hope your better half gets the hint about the painting.Id have to put the paintbrush in my hubby's hand and point to the wall and still he wouldn't get it!! Ha ha.After you giving address yesterday I too emailed the little minion in Dublin shur,I'm sure we'll get some response! Yes I saw on F/B where there was heavy rain in parts of the city last night,we didn't have any TG.Its lovely to get out and walk especially on a nice day like this.I did catch some rays today, after palliative care nurse left.They always put me in good form and give me strength.xx

  • Hi Annie, not even an acknowledgement so far but he probably has to learn to read and write first. His secretary has probably said oh sure take no notice, she is one of the trouble makers in Cork. Watch this space. Really it must have been scary for your friend and daughter looking for their family member. I know I would have been thinking the worst to be honest if it happened me. She really should go public about it. I am glad he is home safe and recuperating and at least she knows where he is.

  • You don't know the half of it Suzuki.I was able to tell the Onc last week about the problems in the ward I was in.I was also able to tell the nurse today and TG I had hubby for proof as well as one of my ex work colleagues of what actually went on in there! I guess your either lucky or unlucky with staff members.If your an uncaring person,becoming a nurse is not going to turn you into a caring person all of a sudden.

    The little minion learning to read and write ha ha that was so funny.Id be so happy to know they even recognise that cork people do exist and cancer does exist all over Ireland.

  • Hi Annie. We're both having a rough run but I feel good days ahead. I'm still in (bar a few days mid May) since 8th may dealing with this partial bowel obstruction and I've ended up with something like a "peg feeding tube" which vents my stomach and should prevent me from being sick again. I've more tubes!! But it was the return of the cancer which caused all this so I've got to do whatever it takes to get strong enough for chemo #5.

    Annie - I've watched you face this new trial drug with such hope and enthusiasm - I'm going to draw on that as my inspiration to get strong enough for my own next line of taxol. I wish I could send you something other than prayers but I'm doing a novena to Padre Pio whom I have great faith in and you are top of the 9 people I am praying for intervention. Stay strong. X

  • Thanks Miss Fitz,I think it's the other way round and I get strength and inspiration from you and the rest of the lovely ladies on here.I can't believe we were in the same time.What I loved was,if I was feeling well in the evenings,I was allowed out for a few hours so,i would go to my sisters 20mins away for supper and chat.

    I hope you feel a little better with the peg.,being sick is horrible! I'm glad to see they have a treatment plan for you,Taxol is good tack as they say here and you know what to expect this time.Thank you for Novena,you and our fellow warriors are always in my prayers and my thoughts.xxxx

  • Hi Missfitz. I am so sorry to hear you are still in hospital at least they seem to be getting to the bottom of your problem and hopefully it is not to long before you are back on your chemo and home. The Oncologists must have some faith in Taxol because I am on it for the 3rd time ( I think the Oncologist must like me with no hair ). Take care and I am still remembering you in my prayers. Kittie

  • Hi Missfitz, I am really sorry to hear you are back in hospital, its the pits isnt it? I really hope the procedure gives you some relief and that you will soon be ready to go back to chemo, meantime enjoy the break although I know its a a wrench being in hospital. I did light a candle for us all in St Augustines on Saturday. All the prayers and good intentions add up. I think you are just fantastic and I wish you well with the vent which will keep the tummy a little wider if I understand you correctly, all the very best and always in my thoughts

  • thinking of you AnnieH ,Misfitz and all of you inspiring women out there.We draw on the courage and resilence of one another.

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