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Hi Ladies, just a query does your gp have an issue if you attend a Walk in Doctors Clinic if you have an emergency. It seems mine does!!! Last week as if I wasnt bad enough, I accidentally hit my eye with the buckle of belt of my jacket. The belt has since been disposed of. I was bleeding a little and since it happened in a business premises I was advised to seek medical advice. Driving to my gp was a no no as wasnt sure about the vision. For obvious reasons didnt want to go to A and E so was recommended to go to the local walk in practice. I met a lovely doctor who prescribed eye drops and I am on the mend. However my gp seems to be odd over the fact I did this and did not go to him. I have explained the situation to his receptionist twice. I will be returning to him in two weeks anyhow as he wants to keep an eye on my bloods. It wasnt as if I do this regularly, my priority was to be seen since none of the family were at home, I opted for the nearest solution. Maybe there is some friction between gps and these walk in clinics. Apart from that due back to Oncologist at the end of May the day after my birthday in fact. I feel a little tired but that is age I imagine. But really no symptoms. So maybe down the road more treatment is in the pipleline. Wishing everyone well on the site. I do hope that we can all mark World Ovarian Cancer Day by attending the nearest event if possible. I know it is not possible for some to do so due to treatment etc. Thanks to Ovacare, Break Through Cancer and Socks for putting so much effort into organising these events. I believe UCC and Cork City Hall will be lit up in Teal so really looking forward to that. Best wishes

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  • Absolutely ridiculous. You get treated the best way at the time. Especially as nothing to do with OC.

    You should always follow the best course for yourself.


  • I am annoyed at the attitude and especially that of his messenger his Receptionist, she isnt there too long. I will speak to him myself. I did what I felt was best and not to be a danger to traffic or myself and the doctor in the Clinic was professional. Its because they undercut the gp family practice.

  • Yes, as Fay said , you shouldn't be questioned , that's ridiculous!


  • I agree Clare, and will have a word with same doctor when I return for bloods which he wants.

  • I think some GPS have a complex regarding the walk in clinics,it was the best decision for you at the time and at the end of the day you were the patient seeking help.I know gps who feel the gps in those clinics aren't as professional as them.So glad your doing well,what a day out today,rain rain

  • Yes it could be an issue between the doctors as I do know that the doctor I attended in the walk in clinic did locum in my surgery after my surgery and first chemo, She then opened her own practice and then the walk in clinic with her daughter, probably something to do with undercutting gps and maybe belonging to a different medical organisation.

  • GPs have to realise that if you have an accident and need urgent treatment you will go to the first available clinic let it be either a walk in clinic or another surgery. He will get over it. What would have happened if your GPs surgery was closed you would have had to go to the walk in clinic anyway. Weather absolutely terrible here , I am beginning to wonder if tomorrow is the 1st of May or November ☔❄

  • Hi Kittie, yes he will just have to get over it, it happened on a business premises, my belt got caught in the dogs lead when handing him in for grooming so the groomer was anxious I get sorted asap. My first concern has to be for my well being. The Sun is coming out down here but I have the heating on, its very cool yet. Certainly not a day to take out Sandals tomorrow

  • Very strange,you did what you had to do in an emergency and relieved his surgery of a visit,it's not as if you are giving him a problem with bad diagnosis and treatment.

    If he wants to have a major sulk,let him get on with it,you did the best thing and I am glad you are recovering,

    Wishing you all the best,

    Carole xxx

  • yes Carole you are right, and the Receptionist didnt suggest I wait to see him which was worse. I think my own well being was more important than their ego.

  • I agree with the other comments, especially as it affected your eye. It is important to get treatment asap wherever that might be.

    Hope the eye soon feels more comfortable.

    Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend.


  • Hi Barbara, it is clearing up, I am a person who doesnt like going to the doctor at all, in fact I was ready to run from the walk in Clinic when called but I knew it was in my best interests to be seen, I will forget about him for the weekend, its cold enough here just put the heating on

  • Sorry to learn of the eye impediment Joan. Hope you are fine now. There are two main things that drive humans and ego and so probably the reason for the grouch.


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