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Update on Olaparib

Hi Ladies.

Had my PET scan  and Oncologist said scan was good and he was happy with results.Had to have scan in Euromedics or whatever they've renamed it,that was a bit confusing to say the least.

Side effects are still a hindrance to living a normal life.Im now fighting a bad chest infection,appetite is reduced,occasionally feeling nausea, severe sweats,low red cell count, chronic fatigue and lethargy .Olaparib is not a cure,it's used in the same way as Avastin, and lengthens the time from one infusion of chemo to the start of the next one.I don't think the Onc was expecting the side effects our little group are experiencing,Olaparib is not what it says on the tin!! So the question is ,is it worth it? I asked could I stay off of it for a month or so but was told no.My dosage along with others has been reduced.

I've another battle on my hands next ,as GP is worried about my low blood pressure and fast heart rate.Ive told her I'm blue in the face from saying it in the hospital.My GP reckons I need Beta  Blockers,which I said was good as Beta Blockers are being tested as a treatment for ovarian cancer, along with statins and aspirin and that's an Irish research group investigating this.Have a great weekend,Be kind to yourselves,and leave the peeling of the potatoes to someone else😎🌹🌹🌹🌹🍗🍟

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Sorry to hear you are having such bad side effects but really glad it seems to be working - best wishes - Trish 

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Hi Annie, that is absolutely great news, you must be over the moon.  The pet scanner is broken in CUH there is none available at the moment in Munster except Euromedics or else you have the choice of going to the Hermitage in Lucan.   Hopefully the other little things can be sorted.   It is great for us all knowing the treatment is working, I think another member has also found the same for her.  This is extremely encouraging for you and all of us.  Thank you for taking part in the trial.


Annie h warrior wonderful courageous lady take comfort from a satisfactory PET . It sure is a journey and sometimes a lousy one where we need to stop off and smell the roses  . When are you finished this course ?  Am sorry it's so tough on you and others . Good luck Annie . 


You're going through such a tough time I hardly know what to say. What stage are you? I was IIB, my last treatment was August 2014. I was sure the treatment would kill me before it cured me. All scans and tests point to a cure. But I don't think I'll buy that yet. It's such a nasty awful disease

I think I was just lucky though. Well, sort of lucky. I had pneumonia, like a cold that wouldn't go away.

Do you take something for nausea? I just had to eat certain bland foods. But it is miserable, no question., I was on home oxygen twice and had 4 units of blood total. I never thought I could feel that exhausted. I've never heard is using beta blockers.

Are you in a study? You spoke of "our little group," so I wondered.

I hope things improve for you, of course, and that your prognosis follows. 

Whenever I've posted something I always feel goofy, like I don't have anything worthwhile to say. Just know there people thinking of you and hoping your dis fort lessens. Hugs and whatever else I can offer, Nesie


Thanks Suzuki,Connie and Nesie.Had a bloody awful night last night,was in hospital for some hrs but,back home again now.Im unsure why they send me to A&E when not one doctor has dealt with Ovarian cancer and they start asking the patient about it! 

I'm part of a research group Nesie,5 women in Ireland were chosen to go on the Olaparib.We had to meet the criteria of,advanced stage 4,2 or more lines of chemo finished,BRCA positive.Nesie ,never be shy of writing on this site,everything we say will always make sense to each other,making sense to her other half is the major problem though ha ha 


Annie I'm on the Ariel trial for Rucaparib and only on it a few weeks and I'm exhausted.  My liver function is elevated. Only positive in it is my Onc is certain I'm getting the drug rather than placebo.  Praying my liver settles and I don't have to come off.   Olaparib is what I would qualify for after my next chemo.   I thought there would be little side affects and am hearing more about it.  

Glad to hear your scan results were good and I hope you can get side affects settled and have a long break.  Xo


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